THREE Biggest Blocks for Soul Led Creators & Entrepreneurs!

Sep 04, 2020


This will be a 3 part series today! I also have something SUPER special dropping later today!
First, we will focus on the 3 biggest NOT SELF blocks holding back soul led creators & entrepreneurs.
When soul led creators step out into the online space, or even after years of being in it, there is a lot of pressure AND conditioning, to follow the rules or do certain things to be successful.
The wild soul led rebel types definitely have their own unique voice that needs to be heard and their own way of doing things.
So, how does your shadow (not self) get in the way?
The undefined head centre:
The wisdom of the mind is knowing what is/ is not worthy of thinking about and knowing what is/ is not of value to you, your community, your business & the collective.
The not self (shadow) can become easily lost and overwhelmed by doubt and confusion, questioning your every move and what is the right one or what will bring the most impact/ income.
Journal prompt: Keep a journal to capture the things you think about. The first step is becoming AWARE of what is going on in the mind centre.
The undefined throat:
Is this one a shocker to see on the list out of ALL our shadows?
This is the top one holding back true soul led creators. Why? Even if you KNOW what is of value or not to you & your business you THEN have to be able (and willing) to SPEAK your truth... Unfiltered and unapologetically.
Wisdom of this centre is knowing what is worthy of doing in your business, what is worthy of posting & the potential to express yourself in a variety of ways.
The not self (shadow) will do things for attention and to go viral, rather than call in your soul tribe.
Journal prompt: If it was safe to be 100% all of you what would you be saying, posting and doing in your business?
The undefined G Centre:
The wisdom of the undefined G centre is helping others find love & direction because you have no fixed identity. Also the true self honours the place & who you are with as some of the most important aspects of your business.
Note: For place online this can be the social media tools you use. Using the ones that are correct for YOU and not juts following fads.
The not self (shadow) makes decisions based on looking for direction or trying to fit in rather than what is aligned. An example could be trying to run your business like a popular coach because it worked for her and you want to fit in rather than following YOUR soul blueprint.
Journal prompt: Where are you showing up online because you were told it would increase impact & income vs because it is aligned for you?
While everyone's centres will express a unique energetic blueprint, based on your activations this is a fantastic place to start in your self reflection & deconditioning for your soul led business.
Stop trying to coerce yourself into the wrong life and start to feel into the difference between aligned decisions and conditioning.
To learn more about YOUR individual chart you can book a foundational call.
Trust me, we go WAYYYYY beyond what you may view as "foundations"!
Any big "ah ha's"? Post below!

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