The Projector in Business

Nov 09, 2022

“What am I going to DO so others see me?”, “What am I going to SAY so others acknowledge me?”

➡️ If you are anything like my high performer, badass, driven Projector clients you can relate to thinking one of those two questions from time to time (or all the time 😜).

As long as you are attempting to force being seen & recognized you will meet resistance, so the first thing I assist my Projector clients with?

Interrupt the programming that is driving them to figure out what to say or do to be seen. Without doing this first you may see short term success however you will burn out over time constantly working against your energy.

The truth is: Your not self mind will not allow you to trust your natural recognition. 

❌You will feel like you can do & should do more (undefined sacral)

❌That you have to prove yourself (undefined ego)

❌That you must find the right direction or identity (undefined G)

❌ That it couldn’t be THAT easy (2nd line)

Or any other host of pressure your openness puts on you.

All Projectors naturally want more success, your signature, therefore you WILL attempt to do more to feel more success.  The problem is that the mind is never your inner authority & activity based upon one's mental thoughts will only produce bitterness.

Where I ALSO find Projectors getting caught up in the over thinking is in regards to the “not here to do work” viral quote that has made its rounds.  Projectors, especially those with an undefined G, can be easily conditioned to go all the way to the OTHER end, and believe doing nothing allows them to be magnetic.  Many bitter Projectors find me after attempting to do the ease, flow, love, light, moment to moment no business model for a business model approach…

Burned out.


Ready to burn it all down.

And most, believing this is simply because they are Projectors.

To be a Projector does not mean to disengage, do nothing, or withdraw.  It means to interrupt the program of your mind telling you what you SHOULD be seen & recognized for & how.

THIS is the magic we do in my world.  For Projectors the first step is:

⚡️ Interrupt the program & leverage YOUR unfair advantage.

If you are ready to let go of the conditioning & leverage your Human Design in business I welcome you into The New Projector Paradigm, a brand new 6 week high intensive mastermind!  We begin Dec 12th! End this year with a bang & start 2023 the right way!



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