How Long to Wait Your Emotional Wave

Dec 31, 2020

Powerful leaders make decisions fast.

This is a truth for creating epic impact & income….

Fulfilling your destiny.


Fence sitting,

Going over pros & cons…

Identification with the mind….


None of it are recipes for the success you SAY you want.


The compulsive thinker not only creates epic energetic drains continuously in their very being but they live in a state of separateness….

In an incredibly complex world of problems & conflict.



And I can all but guarantee a state of never ACTUALLLYYYY hitting that next level goal.


The all too illusive $10,000, $20, 000 or $30, 000 months.


They live in an incredibly complex world of problems & conflict.


A world that reflects an ever increasing fragmentation of the mind….


And from there a contracted AF energy.


Whether or not your life will be lost in the homogenized conditioned world or you navigate as yourself & fulfill your unique potential on this plane….


Comes down to taking the power away from your mind.


When you look at your bodygraph you look at your genetic imprint that is designed to differentiate you from the other.


Inherent in your bodygraph is your unique potential & purpose on this plane….


And one of the authorities I see MOST shitting the bed on moving powerfully in the moment is the emotional authority…


And you may think “But we aren’t here to operate in the moment”….


That very perspective…

The LOGICAL view of time….


Is exactly why you are stuck.



The most common question I receive from an emotional authority is “How long do I wait?”…


Which is a question of the homogenized world.


A question of the mind.


Thinking has become a disease…

And it is burning your ability to step into your power into the ground.


Your inner being….

In fact, everyones inner being…

Communicates through emotion.


Pay attention to how you are feeling in this MOMENT.


Not trying to predict how long it will take to gain clarity, thereby missing the clarity that is right before you….


How do you feel in this moment?

Then respect that & move…




Without hesitation.


When you shift your awareness & relationship with time you shift the very way you operate within the quantum field & with money.


You are seeing time as something OUT THERE…..


When you are in the moment now.


In it.



Or not.



2021 has no energetic tolerance for fence sitters.


The woah is me, Eeyores of the world.


You are in or out.



What do you WANT?

What feels fucking JUICY?

What would you be doing, investing in, if money wasn’t a factor…


Because the reality is money is only a factor because you have decided it is.  It is only a factor because you are operating through your past & conditioning.


Rather than monitor your thoughts, pay attention to how you are feeling.


Get to know yourself…





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