How to Make Correct Decisions as a Splenic Authority

Jan 04, 2021
Approximately 10% of the people on this planet have the Splenic Center as their Authority in life. This authority is quiet, in the moment & NEVER repeats itself.
This is not an authority where you go off & journal about the decision or consult anyone. You simply act or not in the moment…
The potential outcome is not for you to worry about. It is complete self trust.
You consistently have access to your intuition & hunches, but after years of letting the mind over ride your intuition & instinct this authority can go unnoticed, even after learning Human Design.
It is critical in business, when launching, writing copy, making business decisions that you listen to yourself IN THE MOMENT, allow your intuitive nature to guide you & not let anyone including coaches, friends, family, your mind stop you from listening to your intuition…
Because your splenic centre produces reliable knowledge…
If you choose to ignore your Splenic authority, or simply just allow your mind to consistently be so loud you don’t hear it, you will find yourself regretting decisions frequently & even see your health take a nose dive. Ra said the hospitals are filled with Splenic Authorities that ignored their intuition.
With this authority unaligned decisions are typically followed up by “I knew this would happen….”.
In your business, as a Splenic authority, you will be a lighthouse to those with an undefined or open Splenic center….
If you feel good & are in alignment.
If you are NOT magnetizing clients OR you are not magnetizing a significant amount of undefined splenic centres there are shifts to be made in your alignment.
We magnetize what activates us, therefore you are naturally meant to magnetize undefined splenic centres when operating correctly.
Splenic Authority automatically denotes that you are either a non-emotional Projector or a non-emotional Manifestor. Those are the only two designs that can be Splenic authorities.
The Splenic Center is so completely different from the mind that it can be difficult to understand what it’s telling you and why, but that is not for you to figure out. There is no way to figure it out because this survival mechanism awareness filters tremendous amounts of data—layers of information that your conscious mind cannot comprehend on a conscious level.
Because the Splenic Center is not a motor (it is the oldest awareness centre), its voice is quiet… that still, small voice of intuition that protects you.
The chatter of the Ajna is twice as loud, with the Solar Plexus’ emotions being twice as loud as that; these can overwhelm the warnings of your Splenic voice. Since you have an undefined sacral & solar plexus you will amplify those energies at 200% & it can become very hard to hear your splenic centre over the energetic chatter of the other centres.
This is critical to know if you have a coach/ clients/ friends/ family with authorities higher up the authority “chain”. For example, if you have a coach with an emotional authority you can easily slip into making emotional decisions, rather than instinctual.
Without awareness of the dynamics of your unique energy system (And everyone will be a unique one), your mind can get caught up in thoughts that drown out the instinctual voice of your Splenic Center, conditioning you away from the power you have within you to make correct decisions.
I have a few ways to work together with Human Design:
  • I opened up more space later this month for 1:1 Foundational Calls (These can be adjusted to higher level calls if you have the foundations, although a lot of my clients come to me from other HD coaches and still choose to begin with a Foundation Call).
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