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Is Specific vs Non Specific Manifestation Real?

#manifestation human design human design bg5 variables human design Apr 13, 2023

There is a lot of talk about specific vs non specific manifestation in the online “Human Design” spaces.  Yet, is it real?


The short answer is: No.


Let’s dive in to the 4 transformations, also known as variables.


Where do the Four Transformations come from?



Beneath the hexagram lines of your Personality and Design Sun and Earth, there are three values named Color, Tone, and Base. Color is the exit frequency of the neutrino’s movement through your Personality and Design crystals, and it is what determines your Primary Health System (PHS).  Ra talked about this actually being the science aspect, the information below the lines, therefore when we talk about the Science of Differentiation, this is it!


The transformation, or variable, that people refer to when they talk about specific vs non specific manifestation is “Perspective” which leads to “distractions”.


This isn’t a variable you just skip to or logically put in place.  First you must be in the right environment (bottom left “arrow”) before you are able to see what you are designed to see (Bottom right “arrow”).  


Once you are in your correct environment, your Perspective points you to the way you are uniquely designed to view the world. It also gives you a counterpoint to your Perspective, called Distraction (false resonance) in Human Design. Distraction isn’t negative, in fact it is required to have the experience of duality, however most people live in their distraction therefore aligning to your correct perspective is important.



Knowing how your Perspective and Distraction can show up for you gives you two wonderful signposts that make for fascinating observation of our form and allow us the magic of being the witness of the mechanics of our being at work. And this is the nuance that many miss: It isn’t about using it to force a manifestation, it is to allow yourself to truly become passenger consciousness & watch your mechanics play out with as little interference as possible.


Note: In business (BG5) environment & perspective are still used.  When you are in the right environment you see the right people (your niche).  I use this information with my business coaching clients to help them align their messaging with the type of client they are designed to work with.


I know this is a lot, so let’s break down an example:


For example, if you have a Color 6, you are designed to see things in a very Personal, almost narcissistic way - but that is what is correct for you. The homogenized world can stigmatize the average person with this kind of view, pressuring you to feel like there is something wrong with you and how you don't see life in the same way others do. It is correct for you not to be conditioned or defined by those you see. However, many of my spiritual clients with this colour in Perspective were the MOST conditioned by the spiritual, feminine flow, lean back space, because their unique mechanics are almost seen as “bad” or “low vibe” & as something needing to be “fixed”.


However, Personal View people can be easily distracted to see life the way others do, comparing themselves to others, and developing an interest in Power games. When Distracted by what is not correct for you, it can pull you out of your trip to see in a different way. Like I said, a certain amount of distraction is healthy when it doesn’t take over your life. The key here is to not get caught up with identifying with the Distraction or follow when it leads you away from fulfilling your unique purpose.


This Perspective/Distraction dynamic gives you the ability to ground your decisions from a view of the world that is correct for you, and as you can see has nothing to do with manifestation. It’s an amazing gift - especially helpful to feed your personality consciousness. Seeing from your unique Perspective cultivates a precious and life-changing awareness of the world & yourself. Your awareness of when you see clearly as yourself, and when you don't, helps to disempower the Not-Self mind's justifications, rationalizations, and therefore decisions that it wants to make in your life.


What’s the harm in believing in specific vs non specific manifestation?


I get push back when I bring truth to a lot of the incorrect information in the online space however, as you can likely see from above, if you are not aware of your perspective & distraction, while instead focused on manifestation you are likely LIVING OUT your distraction. This does not lead to alignment, flow, or actually living out your higher purpose. It often leads to more of a not self world.


My goal is to help my clients leverage their innate gifts, strengths, & reduce resistance in their life & business.  This is why I stick to the true Science of Differentiation.  It may not be as flashy, it may not feed into the not self mind, but after helping thousands of people who were led astray with incorrect information by popular coaches or influencers, I love the work I do & who I help along the way.




P.S-  New offers are coming for deconditioning as well as a unique offer for mapping your not self mind.  Stay tuned!

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