Skyrocketing Sales as a Generator

Jul 18, 2022

How would it feel to know you are always on path & on purpose with clients ready & waiting for your next offer?

This comes, for the Generator & MG, when there is a FIRE within.  An unmistakable spark that is ignited which naturally pulls everything into your orbit for activation. 

My most recent offer had a max 10 spots available for the early bird pricing (As it was individualized BG5 Foundation Reports) & they were all scooped up hitting my goal well before the deadline.

The truth is, when you are aligned, your aura does the work for you.

Igniting the Generator for Embodied Sales begins with regaining trust in the sacral response. Ra Uru Hu said the most highly conditioned beings are the Manifesting Generators, most impacted with the manifesting “propaganda”, as Ra called it.  And very often it isn't even someone external the sacral beings are bowing to or outsourcing to…

It is their mind & the conditioned thoughts driving their behaviour.  The mind comes up with a brilliant idea & agrees with its own idea, while the suppressed sacral response is ignored….

Then sales fall flat or the message doesn’t land.

With the business around responding it means you are not here to initiate, period.  You are not here to initiate anything, and the moment you stop trying to initiate you get your life & business back.

Response is not a formal question either.  Sure, it can be (“Do you want to be on my podcast?”), yet the response is to everything… And without it you have resistance.

Ra said (and keep in mind, when he speaks of Generators he includes MGS as a “Generator is a Generator is a Generator”):

“The real power that lies in any Generator is to have that moment in which they truly respond and in responding they can actually stay with things”.

Swipe for 3 secrets to sell out your pre sale/ early bird offer!

P.S- The Sacral Yes begins July 25th & I CANNOT wait to dive into this and more with the amazing group of women who have come together for this 6 week high intensity course! I am not holding anything back! We are talking energy, strategy, AND healing for aligned sales, wealth, & business!  Also, in my world there is always over delivering, so I added a Telegram channel for daily insights & tips to increase the integration of the trainings (If you are already in TSY make sure to check your announcement dashboard for the link!).

This is the ONLY time this training will be done live or have live aspects.  I never repeat trainings or courses live.  Create once, sell forever 🦄🎉



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