Sell Your Shit

Mar 15, 2023

I have to admit something & it may piss you off (And still stick around & read until the end because the end is the best part):

I do NOT think it is cute or heart led to treat your business like a hobby & be bashful about sales.

❌It does not make someone a better person than the person selling daily.

❌It does not make someone more spiritual to struggle & continually pump out free content that doesn’t move the business anywhere.

If you don’t want to make money or don’t want to grow a business, be honest with yourself & don’t.  I honestly don’t think everyone is on this planet to be an entrepreneur.

YET, if you claim you are part of the 1% here to make bank & change the world it is fucking cringe worthy to then feel “bad” about sales or learning how to sell better.

Ra said “We sell to the not self… to then help people out of it”. But if you have issues selling to the not self (Which is basically his way of saying sales psychology & leveraging your energy within sales psychology) you will always struggle.

If that stings maybe it was meant to shine a light on where you are dropping the ball in your business.

I often have people say “I need to learn more about Human Design to make more sales” & I check out their social media platforms & I have no idea:

  1. Who they serve.
  2. What their expertise is.
  3. How they can help me.

Start with selling daily THEN we can refine.  But if you aren’t owning your shit & treating your business like a business strategy ain’t going to help, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news for that.

⚡️If someone is pissed you are selling “too much” in your stories, let them leave.  Would they get pissed at Starbucks for selling daily? Send DM’s to Starbucks shaming them for selling too much? Likely not.  Let those who judge see themselves out.

⚡️While I believe in delivering epic free content the point of your business is not to be a content creator AND we both know the real transformation happens working directly with you in the rooms you create.  Let me tell you this: You WILL eventually get bitter & resentful towards your business if you are always delivering epic free content & only receiving “You are an inspiration” DM’s.

⚡️The self led people you claim you want to work with WANT YOU TO SELL TO THEM.  They want their problems solved AND NOW.  They don’t want to try & figure out what you do.  They don’t have time to decode the cryptic ass message that has so much clever fluffy language no one has any idea what is actually being sold.

⚡️ MOVE.  Stop using the friggin emotional wave as an excuse for being half in and half out.  Stop using your design as an excuse on why you continually let YOUR DREAMS pass you by or be put off.  MOVE on what you know to be true right now, or you never will.  It’s the same as the “I’ll start the diet on Monday”. It never fucking actually happens until you decide. And you can decide now.

Alright.  So ways you can move with me:

🧨 NAIL YOUR BRAND VOICE.  Guys, it is friggin $88.  I am breaking my own rules having a low cost workshop because higher priced is easier to sell AND the information I will be delivering here could be sold for over $1000.  If moving on an epic $88 workshop causes issues then you will continue to struggle in making decisions in your business (I know it sucks to hear!).

🧨ICONIC is open for enrolment.  This is for the badasses of badasses.  The 1% within the 1%.  Those who have BIG ASS DREAMS & aren’t afraid to show up for them and SELL their shit that will change peoples lives.  This is a space for people who are really challenging paradigms, are self led, & ready to have HEIGHTENED conversations around business, wealth, & creating FREEDOM.

The rooms are open.  Pick your poison & go all in! ❤️‍🔥⚡️




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