Safety in Your Nervous System Also Requires Safety in Your Business

Sep 07, 2022

What happens IN your body if you feel into an unexpected bill…  One above the current recurring income in your business, or above your current means to pay outright.

Something happening to a family member, taxes, etc that requires cash now.

Or, even an injury or something happening where you simply are not able to be live IN your business constantly or run your business based on endless daily tactics?

I want you to spend a moment feeling into it.  Noticing what comes up & where.  The thoughts will always be secondary to the nervous system reaction. What is there for you to receive, notice, & be with?

In what ways must you begin thinking & being different in business to allow the safety in your body no matter what life throws at you?  What steps can you take today? (Write them down & DO them, stop saying one day!).

Yes, it is uncomfortable, yet shying away from this doesn’t fix it & often creates undercurrents of stress as the body actually never feels truly safe, despite how much money is coming in.

I received a series of wakeup calls on my journey.  Sure, the adrenaline rush was fun, constant launching was fun, going only on energy was fun….. Until it wasn't. 

Not only was it not sustainable but I was missing my life & spending the time with those that mattered the most.  I had a hamster wheel that only got bigger the more impact & income I created.

I feel many spiritual entrepreneurs reach this place, especially if they were in the feminine flow energy only world. What I find often happens to many spiritual entrepreneurs is they then go into this or that thinking. “It is either make money or be with family”, “It is either be heart led or make money”...

Yet, there is a third option.  Creating recurring income & learning the tools to create cash on demand so that NO MATTER WHAT life throws at you, you have the tools to stay grounded, are able to launch products that are of the highest service while also allowing you to thrive, & create actual safety in your nervous system.

Pictured is Julia…. This little wild child came into my life like a wrecking ball.

I had never heard of Megaesophagus or PRAA prior to the adoption of “the world's quietest GSD” (Lies, well maybe true but only because the rescue did not diagnose her health issues).

And 2 years ago the chaos that ensued when she was diagnosed, after an emergency vet visit late one night, was the catalyst to change my business, allow it to support me, my family, & serve my community…

While creating sustainable, scalable recurring income.

Over the years I have both intentionally & unintentionally developed the tools to take on whatever life throws at me.  One of the greatest areas of growth, being someone that declared bankruptcy in my 20’s, was staying grounded even with unexpected bills….

Because I created the tools to create products that not only SERVE in the highest capacity but serve as a cash injection into the business as well.  An equal balance of giving & receiving.

I am teaching you this in IGNITED.  Check out my profile for the link for more details!  At $144 USD it is a steal for 5 days with me, including Somatic Stress Release to deal with the resistance to wealth hidden in the body.



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