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Can You Ask The Sacral Yes/ No Questions?

holistic human design human design blog human design for everyone human design generators human design inner authority human design sacral authority quantum human design Oct 19, 2021
Tough love below…
But save this one for the alignment kick required to access higher levels of consciousness & sensitivity to your design.
In my 1:1 container I work with clients that have been in the trenches of their experiment for some time. Typically when they come to me one on one we are beginning to loosen their grip on labels & THINKING about their design & opening up into contemplation & greater levels of sensitivity to their passenger consciousness.
So let’s address two things I notice when on this path:
1)A frequent question I receive: Can I ask my sacral yes or no questions?
Ok, so Ra suggested this in his earlier work & it isn’t wrong, and who am I to tell Ra he was wrong with HIS transmission, AND I invite you into something:
I have worked with thousands within Human Design so far & OFTEN if someone is asking this question or asking themselves questions to figure out the next step it is coming from the mind & the mind ALWAYS has an agenda. The mind can ONLY operate in this & that.
So you come up with a couple questions:
Should I run a manifestation program this month?
Should I go live today?
You enter into this ALREADY with an agenda, whether you consciously are aware of it or not & 9.9/10 it isn’t even your inner authority answering you because you have already decided from the mind what you want based on your current identity, beliefs (ie- Lives suck and I shouldn’t have to do them because I want to be in flow (This is all the mind)), values, conditioned behaviours, etc.
Further, when we do this it is actually NOT the point of our design, or anyone’s design. You are meant (we all are meant) for the world to BRING us things then we respond… Not think of things then respond.
This goes back to two things:
1) Lack of trust in self.
2) Mind refusing to let go of control.
And asking your inner authority questions has the potential to entrench you deeper into the not self.
A more effective way to play with this? Have a partner or friend ask natural questions throughout the day that are yes & no. Start to get in touch with your inner authority that way. Make sure your team is asking you yes/ no questions if you are a Generator (which includes MG).
Don’t force it. You will have an agenda, I promise.
2)Often when my clients begin their journey with Gene Keys & higher levels of passenger consciousness they begin to contemplate things that were clearly for the inner authority. For example: A sacral authority contemplating whether they desire to pivot in business. It truly is a yes/ no. There is nothing to contemplate there. And yes, you may have put your fighting gloves on to tell me why there is A LOT to contemplate there. But the reality remains: There isn’t. Anything you can argue on why you have to think about it has nothing to do with your inner authority…. It is the traps of the mind coming up with reasons/ excuses/ what ifs.
Again, this comes back to two things:
1) Lack of trust in self.
2) Mind refusing to let go of control.
Because if you reallyyyyyy pull back the layers here you already know what you desire…. It is the mind traps & tricks that are telling you to wait it out & “see” or the mind sneakily saying “ohhhh, queen, remember we need to contemplate things… don’t rush into decisions… impulsive decisions are bad”.
When moving through awakening it is about learning information to integrate/ embody it to transcend it. When we transcend it we don’t lose it though. We are simply anchored within it. It becomes a part of us. Like breathing. Like brushing your teeth. Like walking. You don’t think about those things. I don’t think about what I should ask my sacral. I don’t contemplate yes/no. I don’t think “how do I write copy from my open solar plexus”. I just AM. Present. Here. Being.
If something interesting my attention & I decide it is worth thinking about (Healthy expression of the undefined/ open head centre) I will think about it. Otherwise I just AM. Present. Here. Being.
Ra said: Life is just there to be experienced. Do without doing & everything will get done.
We waste so much time & energy negotiating with the mind & trying to figure out how to outsmart out inner authority or control our path.
It is exhausting.
You can’t get to the gift, the siddhi, or embodied Human Design, that level of awareness & sensitivity, until you’ve arrived at that place where your mind isn’t constantly occupied with trying to drive you towards doing things because ACTUAL embodiment is the exact opposite of that.
I will be bringing you guys through this journey in the upcoming PHS: Awakening the Body for Power, Purpose & Prosperity. I must warn: This isn’t mind junk food. It is HIGH level information & you may or may not “get” it during the course or your mind may fight back so much you think I am nuts & Human Design is BS. But it isn’t for your mind to worry about why you are there or what you “get” from it. If it is the correct next step to learn variables & start awakening the body, then it is for you. It is seeds I will be planting for many that attend AND it is opening your perception to what is available when you release control.
I will also be providing practical tools & steps you can take TODAY to better embody your digestion, environment, perspective & awareness.
Also, I heard you & we are doing it! The Golden Path: Unlocking Your Highest Essence, the Gene Keys long term membership is coming. I originally planned for Jan but the feedback has been incredible with so many women saying they have been desiring something like this from the depths of their soul… So let’s start in December. This is a non negotiable min 1 year membership, low cost to fit any budget with TONS within it.
This is not for band-aids or quick fixes. I will be your guide however I am not your authority. You must be willing to walk into your shadows, question everything you know to be true & actively go on this journey. I won’t pull you kicking & screaming. This is realllyyyyyyyyyy diving into your highest essence & allowing the layers to unfold rather than peeling them back on a timeline.
I can’t wait to go on this journey with each of you. This “Membership” will be something special that has never been done before. With no timelines or strict structure. Where you can come in, take your shoes off, breathe & enjoy your journey into your Gene Keys.
Ahhh my soul feels lighter even thinking of it!
What are YOU most excited for?! I love hearing from you! What I offer is more & more about YOU. I pivot to be in service to your soul not what my conditioned mind believes you need or should have. And I honour my role in your journey deeply.
I love you xo

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