Positioning Through Profile

Mar 01, 2023


Positioning creates more 💰 & impact in your business…

Why does positioning matter?

💸 Your profile is your public role… You are designed to be seen in a certain way.  If you are a 4th line attempting to position yourself as a 5th line you WILL meet resistance as you are not in congruence with your energetic signature (and your energy speaks before you do!).

💸 It allows you to develop your brand voice. Developing your brand voice allows for omnipresence in people's minds… This is the “this made me think of you” voice of your brand.  People thinking of you = More impact & sales! 🚀🧨

💸 It allows you to develop your brand story & effortlessly create content that fits in with the overall brand story.

💸 You get to just be YOU & wave YOUR freak flag.  You don’t have to try to be the natural (2nd line) if you are meant to be the authority in something you studied & built a foundation in (1st line).

💸 It is how you stand the fuck out.  I don’t care what anyone says… The newsfeed is busy AF.  WHY YOU?  You must grab & maintain attention to have a business that scales.

Stay tuned…

In March we are going to have the Positioning by Profile high level workshop.  This is ONLY for those who have an existing business AND who have a foundation in Human Design… I will not be going over strategy & authority.

Are you ready for it? ❤️‍🔥💥

It is time to up your game by aligning with your profile 🧨



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