Pluto In Aquarius & Human Design (Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix)

Jan 24, 2024



Pluto takes about 248 years to orbit the sun and is one of the few planets that makes important moves only a few times during an average human’s lifespan. YOUR lifespan seeing, and experiencing, Pluto in Aquarius as we barrel towards the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix is quite profound.


What does that mean? Let's dive into it!


Global Cycles in Human Design



A profoundly deep synthesis, Human Design borrows from both western and eastern astrology. Global Cycles measure the precession of Equinoxes. Ra Uru Hu said about Global Cycles:

“The Precession of the Equinoxes has a deeper effect on our world than simply what stars we see in the sky. Neutrinos are a product of the stars, and penetrate celestial bodies to carry information into our DNA—and back out again. Our movement in space exposes us to a gradually altered neutrino stream, which leads to a dramatic shift in awareness over time. The background frequency brings underlying themes that fundamentally reconstruct our physical world in alignment with our movement in space.”

In Human Design, you can see these Global Cycles mapped out in the familiar outer ring of the Rave Mandala. All global cycle crosses move clockwise because of the way the precession operates. There is a lock-and-key system through the G Center that connects the entire Mandala to the Wheel itself (See first image in this blog).



The Cross of Planning 



We are in a Global Cycle called The Cross of Planning (in Human Design).  The Cross of Planning has been in effect from 1615-2027 and with it brought the energy of the bargain.  This cross influenced humanity to work together in a way it had never done before. As Ra describes, everything operates in 7 year cycles, therefore we are eyeballs deep in the crumbling of this cross & the new frequency of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.  You may already have noticed that the glue that holds the tribe together is starting to disintegrate before our eyes!

One channel of this Cross brings the Channel of Community 37-40. This is where the tribal bargain is struck, bringing loyalty to support the community. The Channel of Community merges the willpower to provide for the family or tribe with the emotional need to give affection in return for resources; to work together to fulfill the demands of our communities. This Channel is a global conditioning force that brings definition between Solar Plexus and the Ego Centers. 

Ra Uru Hu said: “If you ponder it, our situation is very different from those of prior epochs. And we had no choice; it was simply time for a revolution that changed the ancient ways of rulership (Cross of Rulership: 721-1202). Our modern democracy of helping and respecting each other was born.”

The other arm of the Cross of Planning brings Gates 16 "Enthusiasm," the Gate of Skills, and 9 "The Taming Power of the Small," the Gate of Detail. Less than 150 years after moving into this Global Cycle we see the appearance of what became known as the Industrial Age. This age brought the building of factories with their organized workers and assembly lines, community structures like hospitals, care facilities and other institutions such as the educational system built on the bargains that serve to support our communities.

This, almost, blind loyalty we can see already crumbling with gurus being called out, Netflix series about cults, people questioning government industries more than ever, and more. 


Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix



We are currently in the 7 year cycle which is causing the crumbling of the Cross of Planning & ushering in the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.  The background frequency that holds us together is moving from saying “Make a bargain with your neighbour” to “Forget about your neighbour & think about yourself”.

Ra Uru Hu: "It is the 55th Gate that will express the beginning of the new age starting in 2027, when the precession of the equinox enters enters the 55th Gate, 6th Line. This is a retrograde process that will leave Gate 37 behind, and enter the gate of Abundance and the 6th line of ‘Selfishness.’ It is something to understand that we're leaving behind a tribal age and entering into a very individualistic age, an age that is keyed to the mutation taking place in the 55."

Gate 55 is still a difficult gate to grasp, just in its basic nature. This is the emotional spirit that's either a cup half full or a cup half empty, remember it is coming out of the solar plexus, pointing towards the root.  The energetic frequency you approach this gate with will determine where your cup is!

Now, Selfishness is often misunderstood. The spirit requires selfishness or there is no transition. This means, you MUST be selfish, in the sense of owning your differentiated self, following your individual path, & being around the right people rather than simply a blind loyalty to the tribe.

To me, this energy of Selfishness is a frequency that represents the frequent analogy used of “If you are on a plane & the air masks drop down put yours on before you put on anyone elses”. It doesn't mean you don't turn around & help others, it means you prioritize your oxygen first *so that* you are able to help others.

The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix reminds us that for the individual mutation only takes place when you own your uniqueness. You must be healthy within yourself for awareness to exist on the outside.

Ra Uru Hu said, in regards to this shift: "With this line I tell people 'work work work' as to provide for oneself is an extraordinary thing. It elevates the spirit. You also have to realize that you will not get to the spirit until you can look after the body. You have no chance for the spirit unless you can look after the body. I am tired of holy rollers with their platitudes. It is not about this. It is about being able to look after ourselves. This is fundamental.”

The biggest shift you are going to feel, and likely feel now?

Shifting from a world, and frequency of, outside in (Seeking external to tell you who you are) to inside out, trusting yourself, doing the inner work/ shadow work, and bringing your uniqueness to the world.  Something I say to my clients frequently, which represents this shift, is "ask in before out", meaning trust yourself FIRST.  A good coach, after all, is there to be a mirror helping you see what the conscious mind cannot see rather than providing answers as your authority.


Pluto & The Dark Goddess



Pluto is the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades.  For me, with feminine archetypes Pluto represents the Dark Goddess, such as Lilith, Kali, & Hecate.  The Dark Goddess has the potential to bring chaos to our seemingly organized, yet unaligned, lives, push us to our limits, & bring us to our knees until we see what needs to be seen.

The dark goddesses encompass a healthy polarity to the 'love and light' that often infuses the world of spirituality and self-development. To turn away from them is to bypass those knotty, uncomfortable depths of our self-development. It truly is within these challenging places that immense healing, transformation and initiation can take place. As the saying goes, a smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor.  The challenges are what shapes us, the squares in our natal chart, the Pluto energy, the Goddesses that hold our feet to the fire while we squirm & want to return to the comforts of our homogonized lives.

The dark goddesses can be our helpful guides.

Pluto’s influence is intense, life- altering, & profound.  It will come through & start the crumbling of the illusions you have been desperately trying to hold up, including the masks & business directions that were never truly yours.

If you have already been feeling the crumbling, the discomfort, the questioning of “what actually is next!?”, imagine the intensity that will be brought as Pluto enters Aquarius, a sign of visionary directions, rebellious individuality, & innovation.

Now, innovation can be for better or worse.  The dark side of Aquarius is robotic & unemotional.  The dark side of Pluto represents power dynamics (and power), obsession, & even pure destructiveness. Now we are seeing Tesla with new age robots that have the ability to fold clothes; robots that remind me of “I Robot”, and we all know how that went!

On the flip side, innovation can also be profound for humanity.  Innovation, creativity, wealth, & power take center stage with Pluto in Aquarius.

The question is, what are YOU a stand for within this?


Pluto in Aquarius



Pluto entered Aquarius onJanuary 20th, 2024, where it will remain until September 1, 2024, briefly going retrograde (hold on to your money makers for this one!) back into Capricorn to lie up loose ends, then reentering Aquarius on November 19, 2024 where it will remain until March 8th, 2043.  This energy, if you are out of alignment will most certainly feel like someone rubbing sandpaper on a new 3rd degree burn.  

I am not someone to follow for the love & light sugarcoating it to make everyone feel better.  Therefore the only option is answering the question NOW of “How can I embody myself into my mission even more? Where am I shitting the bed?”.  Ultimately, it is time to figure shit out for your life, right quick.

Pluto is smirking at you asking “Are you IN or are you in the garbage?”, as I often joke with intense Pluto energy.

I will take a stand on this: Pluto in Aquarius, combined with the crumbling of the Cross of Planning, is bringing more unprecedented times, for better or worse.

Since 2008, Pluto has been marching through Capricorn’s industrious sign. Capricorn is associated with big business, Wall Street, corporate power (cough greed), and traditional economic structures. In fact, many astrologers associate the mounting acceleration of late stage capitalism with Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. Sound familiar, with what we know about the Cross of Planning now?

Pluto & The Cross of Planning set us up yet it will also have the potential to be our downfall if we lack the willingness to transform & innovate in mutually beneficial ways.

Aquarius is an air sign — and all the air signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are associated with relationships, community, and networks. As the final air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is focused on the People. Governed by Uranus, Aquarius is motivated by collective care, humanitarianism, and large-scale societal matters, and associated with rebellion and revolution, along with scientific breakthroughs, medical advancements, and technological achievements.  Uranus plus Aquarius also brings the unexpected, the unusual, & surprising events (hellooooo did you hear about Aliens being confirmed by government? Sure, we aren’t surprised but it is still seen as a “surprising” event to many!).  Expect events like this to skyrocket with this energy.

Now, taking this all together, we have a planet of transformation getting all tangled up with Aquarius, meaning expect the unexpected WHILE we are moving into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.  Sweet baby Jesus are we even in for a ride!

I predict major radical dismantling to occur, as well as some extraordinary developments that may change life as we know it. Futuristic and forward-thinking, Pluto in Aquarius has the potential to bring the new earth everyone has been talking about or a dystopian hellscape? That remains TBD & I honestly believe we are at a crossing of paths right now where we, as in humanity, hold the key to our destruction or rebirth.

The Earth truly needs each of us, as you can see.


Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix & Pluto in Aquarius



As I look around the spiritual, coaching, & healing industries it is obvious we are dealing with a great awakening.  More people than ever have been questioning what they are doing & shifting from a blind fixation on what makes money (the bargain collapsing) to what their soul is calling them to do. Gate 55 is abundance as a matter of spirit, and this shift is shaking many people to their core!

This discomfort isn’t going to release anytime soon, and it still won’t give up in 2027 as it is a gradual transition into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. 

Now, to wrap this up I want to impart wisdom Ra Uru Hu had in regards to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix and it is this:



"One of the things to understand about the Sleeping Phoenix is that it’s been sleeping a long time. It’s always been there ready, but ready not to rise — understand, sleeping phoenix. When the phoenix wakes up, the phoenix has to die before it can fly. Do you understand? This is not the cross of the phoenix; it’s the cross of the sleeping phoenix. It’s very different.

The moment that you grasp that difference is the moment that you can see that 2027 brings quite a double-edged sword. It brings the death of something. And out of that death, rising out of the ashes of that death comes something new. And guess what’s dying? You. It's a very, very spooky gate. Basically, what you’re looking at is the release of a momentum building evolutionary change that will lead to the extinction of Homo sapiens sapiens. That’s what it is. We’re not going to live long enough and I mean the species, to actually be able to get to the point as modern man did with Cro-Magna that you actually get to walk into a valley and say, hey, they’re really all dead. It’s not like rave children are going to wander around going, hey, the last one just went. We won’t get to that.”

You must wake up first, and that won’t come from the mind trying to figure it out.  It is my belief Pluto is assisting with this, helping to wipe out anything that doesn’t serve, if you allow it, illuminating the areas you aren’t being your true self, if you are willing to see it, & prepare you for your entrance as a fully differentiated individual, if you choose it.

The energy of course won’t do the work for you, it is supporting & illuminating the work that must be done.  Just because, as a collective, we are moving through this does not mean everyone will make it to the other side as leaders in this new age.  In fact, it is my belief we are going to see a MASSIVE separation with many leaving their business to go back to working for someone else as the energy will be too intense & they will refuse to surrender to it.

My suggestion?


Sort your shit out now, let Pluto come in like a wrecking ball NOW so that you can move once & for all on November 19, 2024, when Pluto makes its final entrance into Aquarius. 

Lip service is no longer enough (and it’s really boring), I know I know, you are going to do it yadda yadda yadda.  It’s now or never. Get over the excuses.

Another, final note?  

Be kind to each other.  Support those working out their role in this new age.  It takes courage, especially for big brands, to pivot publicly.  It takes a whole lotta self responsibility & ownership to say “this isn’t coming with me… this is where I am going”. That should be celebrated, not judged.

Rather than judge those allowing the shifts to take place, support each other, because The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix isn’t a fuck everyone energy.  It is a “Be in community with the RIGHT people kinda energy”. 

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