Pluto Direct in Capricorn, October 2020

Oct 05, 2020
As within, so without….
Pluto now direct in Capricorn as of October 4th!
Though it will head right into conflict with Mars in Aries, in the bigger picture this can only be good and we are only moving forward from here!
Since Pluto went retrograde on April 25, 2020 we bowed to the energy of decay, transformation, death and truth. We were sent inwards to deal with our underworld and things we don’t like to face.
We were forced to come to terms with our deepest desires, inner most fears.
We were forced to sever cords to things that no longer serves. Clear out the emotional, spiritual and mental crap that was clogging up our bodies and energy. The last 6 months has been a radical burning of the bridges to light the way for the future….
Well, if you took the time to yield to the cosmos and do the inner work without resisting it!
Pluto can have a medicine that is hard to choke down. It is tough, uncomfortable and at some times bitter but it does leave us lighter than it found us…. Like a good ol’ cleanse for the collective unconscious 😜
With Pluto now direct we have been cleaned out…
An empty container ready to be filled again…
But just like with a cleanse you can go back to eating the same shit and clog right back up or you can adopt a new lifestyle that supports the cleanse.
Oh, the joys of free will!
Even with Pluto square Mars (Ohhh some potential violent behaviour and outbursts in reaction to feeling you are being “controlled”) and the fact that the astrological positions we are seeing haven’t happened since January of this year (Opening of old wounds)…
This is energy to celebrate!
It is time to capitalize on the closure and inner purification that took place over the last 6 months! Take what has happened internally and help mutate the collective with it…
In Human Design the sun is in Gate 48 which is the frequency of sharing your intuitive knowledge and depth…
☽ ☽ ◯ ☾ ☾
We also have some magic going with the Moon & Pluto!
The moon/ Pluto trine is bringing up some reflective qualities and moods which can help us see how Pluto’s energy was positive for us, and the collective…
The collective burning down and releasing of all the crap within the shadows….
Hard truths that need to be confronted.
This Moon/ Pluto energy can put us in one of two places: Profound realization or contemplative. Sharing or withdrawing.
Use this energy to ground into Earth and further develop your intuitive depth and awakening (Code 48 in the Hexagram).
While the next week may feel scattered and you may feel like your ducks are on a rampage, let alone in a row…
If you CHOOSE the higher vibrational state of this energy you will be able to tap into depths not felt before and you will be able to fill up your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental bodies with things that ONLY serve you.
And TODAY the LEVEL 1 COSMIC BLUEPRINT CERTIFICATION, which INCLUDES Human Design & Astrology foundations will be unleashed in the world!
Talk about being in tune with the energy! My deeper truths being shared today to help unlock your deeper truths…
Stay tuned as the information goes LIVE today!
What are you feeling today?

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