Making Money Using Human Design / BG5

Dec 19, 2022


Not every download.

Not every system you learn.

Not every healing modality you personally went through.

Not everything you respond to.

Not everything that inspires you.

Not every invitation. 

Very little of the stuff that comes at you daily, monthly, or even yearly is actually meant for your business AND making it a part of your business is just causing distractions for yourself AND your audience. 

The gloves are coming off from here on out (were they ever on?!).

The further I go into my education with Human Design, my own experiment, and simply being immersed in the online business space I can relate to Ra with how he got more blunt over the years. 

So, let’s have a Monday morning business smack down:

If you are in business you are here to create a BUSINESS. This is seemingly getting lost in the deeper chase & addiction to the now. The not self addiction to immediacy.

People are willingly giving up being rich long term for a quick hit of 10k months. And THIS is why so many are burning out & disappearing in this industry. 

Your business is also hungry… and it eats money. The bigger the business the more money it requires to grow & the more you require to grow/ live the lifestyle of your dreams.

So let’s dispel some myths that are linked to Human Design in business:

💥 All designs should have long term strategy. You simply DO NOT have a business if you are going month to month. You have a hamster wheel. It may be a fancy one, but it isn’t a business. 

💥 All designs can plan & plan long term strategy as well. The “I am a MG so I am always coming up with new things” is bogus. MGS BUILD. And to build a multi million dollar mansion you have to stick with it brick by brick. If you keep dumping it for a new shiny house to build none of them get built.

💥 You can make strategy & authority decisions about LONG TERM DECISIONS. It isn’t just things to do in the now. Those are called daily tactics & if you build a business on them alone you have, again, a hamster wheel as you need more & more to grow.

💥 Businesses have ebb & flows. If you have been in a plateau financially or in business growth for 3 months or more you need a change of plan stat.

💥 Manifestors are not creating a bunch of random things, bouncing from one idea to the next. Ra said the Manifestor is all about REFINEMENT. When I work with Manifestors we use the archetype of the Jaguar to align to. 

💥 “Bro marketing” is having everything to do with strategy, planning, or business building lumped under it. Strategy & structure can be aligned and still be smart business moves. You have to market if you have a business, otherwise you don’t have one. 

💥 Making strategy & authority decisions from who you are now won’t change anything. You must make them as the CEO NOW… not one day when you hit X income level. Your current decisions are getting you your current reality. 

And there is so much more. 

This message is obviously not meant to those who DO NOT:

❌ Want a life while scaling a business (or businesses). If you want your business to be your life have at ‘er! Been there, I missed out on life & ended up with health issues.

❌ Who desire to make whatever comes in rather than scale. 

❌ Who just want to have fun & see what happens.

But if you desire to build a business, impact people’s lives (including your own & family), and make bank simply being you then you must start thinking like a CEO. Period.

A CEO thinks differently. A CEO moves differently. A CEO makes very different decisions. 

If you are ready to become the CEO it is time for ICONIC the Mastermind. I pull no punches with strategy AND alignment to help you build a business your way. 

The room is currently open.



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