Importance of a Brand Inventory

May 23, 2023

Have you felt like 2023 has been shaking the very core of your business?

This has been a theme not just with myself & clients but with many in my network from those just starting out to multiple 7 figures a year.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

The truth?

A brand inventory is important, not as a one & done but something you continually come back to…

And often (maybe you can relate!) it is put off too long & is only looked at when issues come up.

When I hit this space in my own business there are some questions that I reflect on that are important for us ALL to reflect on regularly (not just when things start going sideways!).  

Check them out below ⬇️

Who is ending up in my world? 

Are they converting OR are they saying how inspirational my content is & buying from someone else?  Why/ why not?

Is the audience currently being attracted to my offers QUALIFIED?  There is a big difference between qualified & converting.  This is very important!!

Are my clients getting the transformation my business is positioned to provide?

Am I being consistent or shitting the bed?

Does my marketing reflect my best work? (aka are you a wizard behind the scenes or in private but play small in your marketing?)

Sometimes questions like this are confronting but they ALWAYS bring clarity on the next steps!

I would love to hear what comes through AND if you are ready to begin nailing your copy, leveraging your Human Design, check out You Are The Brand: Copy That Sells (By Design)...

And remember: 

It isn’t just about selling but selling to the RIGHT people that matters!

See you on the inside, legend,



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