Human Design Is Not Your Authority

Sep 30, 2022

“You have to quit CrossFit because you are a Projector”.

Yes, real words a client was told by a Human Design “Expert”.

“You can’t run your own business, you have to build others”.

Yes, real words a Generator client was told by a Human Design “Expert”.

“You are only so successful because you are a Manifestor”.

Yes, again, real words a client was told by the INTERNET dismissing her success.

“I don’t understand your success, you are a Projector… How do you have the energy?”.

Yes, real words one of my mentors was told.

Are we not seeing the absurdity of this?

The absolute bat shit craziness of saying “you are your own authority, except where Human Design is concerned”.

Ra taught that NO ONE is your inner authority, including Human Design.

He taught that strategy & authority rules all…

But we then tell someone they don’t know themselves best because what they desire to do doesn’t fit their energy type?

Look, energy is a habit, and we default to the level of our identity.  If your identity is “I do not have the energy because I am a Projector”, your reality will be reflected in your identity.

I have clients that are high powered c suite execs that are non energy types and LOVE the high powered nature of their job.  And no, they aren’t conditioned by a “Generator world”.  

I have non energy type clients absolutely crushing their high powered sports, leaving energy types in their dust.  And no, they aren’t conditioned by a “Generator world”.

Look, everyone is entitled to their own views, and if you desire to decide that you don’t have energy for anything other than naps & baths then you do you!  Truly. I don’t mean that sarcastically.

AND, just because someone else that is the same type chooses to live a high powered, high energy life does not mean they are out of alignment.

We take away someones personal power when we tell them they don’t know themselves well enough to make empowered decisions for themselves.

So, if you are reading this & doubted your ability to pull something off because of your energy type I am here to tell you to do the thing…

Launch the movement.

Launch the business.

Compete in the sport.

Do whatever you damn well choose.

Because, you are your own inner authority.



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