Fitness For Greater Wealth Expansion

Sep 05, 2022

If you expect yourself to operate at a high level, if you expect yourself to hold space for more…

Health & physical alignment must be a priority. 

Your body leads, and if you treat your body like a beater car you can’t expect it to perform like a Bugatti.

I was reminded of this recently. 

Going back in time a bit, first: 

My business hit a plateau exactly at the time I stopped training & stopped making my health a priority. 

I stopped being able to physically hold more…

And energetically I stopped as well. 

My business also blew back up at the exact time I started training again & expanding my capacity for more in all areas…

Yet, the body remembers in more ways than 1.

Shitty posture, sitting crooked (or on one leg), sitting with my legs up so therefore resting on my SI rather than hip bones, getting LAZY caused wear & tear on L5/S1. A disc that was already weaker from a very serious back injury about 6 years ago. 

It was actually the back pain that was the wake up call for me to get over my excuses & start training again. 

We either need inspiration or desperation, and I hit desperation. 

All was good until this week. 

Earlier this week, after starting training again after the flu my back (And when I say back the L5/ S1 tends to cause more SI pain than back) was a bit worse than before. I didn’t think much of it….

Until Saturday. 

Out for a walk I asked someone to leash their dog as we crossed on a country road. Julia is not friendly with strangers. They did not because the OFF LEASH dog had no recall. 

As it ran towards Julia she jerked in a very awkward way. And I legitimately couldn’t straighten my back. 

I remember that feeling all too well from the time I bulged that disc years ago. 

So. Here we are. Recovering from either a bad bulge or herniation. I opted out of an MRI. As a personal trainer & someone that experienced this previously I know what it is & how to heal it. 

Yet, micro habits led me to having to slow down to speed back up. Irritating & annoying AF, yet a monster of my own creation. 

So my message:

You want your business to expand? To grow? For your energetic body to be able to hold MORE. 

Do what is often the first thing for many to go: Take care of your body. Make health & fitness a non negotiable.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with looking a certain way. 

It is: 





The physical body will mirror your business & vice versa. 

This is also an important reminder that the problem or perceived source of the issue is rarely the issue. 

It would be easy to blame CrossFit or lifting heavy. It would even be easy to blame the situation that tipped the scales on the weekend…

But the truth is that it was repeated habits, repeated ignorance, & repeated laziness that provided wear & tear subtly until the conditions were just right for things to pop. 

This applies to business as well.

Building the micro habits that cause wear & tear on your energy & growth in a negative way.

Or building the micro habits building you, your business, & your capacity for MORE up in a positive way. 

We get to choose, and also change course, in any moment. 

Choose how it gets to go.

Decide who you get to be. 

And create it in every realm of life. 




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