Dare to Dream Big

Nov 20, 2022

As corny as it sounds: Dare to dream big then follow strategy & authority.

A gift from a friend in high school said “If you can imagine it you can achieve it.  Dream it and you can become it”. I still have that hanging on my wall now.

Nothing I have achieved in my life or business “makes sense”, and thank the heavens for that because I sure as shit wasn’t born to fit in or lead a mediocre life.

When I left my great job at a place I was easily working up the levels, with no clients, no programs, no money, to go all in on my business…

It didn’t make sense.

But I knew deep in my soul that I was made for MORE than just working a soul sucking job then dying.

I also knew I was here to make a massive impact on this world.

I went on to launch my business, making 10K in the first month with word traveling like wildfire.  Netflix directors, actors, multiple 7 figure entrepreneurs, & more reaching out to work with me.

Now, what allowed my business to blow up wasn’t that I was a Human Design Expert…

Sure, it was how I marketed myself & it is DEFINITELY my expertise…

Yet what allowed my business to blow up was that I always allowed my freak flag to fly, showing up in MY particular brand of crazy…

And therefore I attracted the other rebels, black sheep, rough around the edges made for more personalities.

I created a space for those that truly didn’t feel like they “fit in” anywhere else & for those that were able to be brave enough to dream big, even when all evidence told them they were nuts.

So… What is the secret sauce?

Following strategy & authority while allowing myself to be fearlessly authentic has been the secret ingredient to success.  It has allowed life to manifest around me faster than I could ever imagine…

Like my DREAM foal, Loki.

Then another foal, Skippy.

And then, just today, another manifestation taking place right before my eyes:

We purchased our DREAM farm where the horses can finally come home.

Nothing has ever made sense, and yet it is always an “of course”.

Of course it happened & of course it was more incredible than I could ever imagine.

Blow my mind kind of life is the only vibe allowed… For me & my clients πŸ’₯⚑️

Ways to work together in November:

πŸ’°A free Human Design training: Leverage Your Human Design to πŸš€ Sales.  Link in bio.  We ride Wed the 23rd  (Make sure to check your emails junk/spam folder for the FB group link!!!)

πŸ’° You Are The Niche Human Design Intensive: This is a 3 hour + workshop to go DEEP into high level Human Design knowledge to help you understand your dreamy, designed to work with you clients on a MUCH bigger level to not only serve them better but to speak DIRECTLY TO THEM. We will also go over your role in the transition to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix in 2027!  This is $333.

πŸ’°ICONIC, my 6 month EPIC mastermind! Sure, we could say it is to build a business by design, but how boring is that.  This is the space to decondition any & all shit holding you back from being EXACTLY who you were meant to be so that you can show up, make bank, & create a business that blows your mind.

No excuses.  There are ways to begin making moves NOW. Which one has your name on it? 

See you on the inside,





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