Building a Business, Not a Hamster Wheel

Oct 10, 2022

Shall we start Monday off with some asskickery?

I see the obsession with nervous system healing, repairing attachment styles, somatic experiencing, & more in the online spiritual space.  There is nothing wrong with this, I am happy healing is taking a centre stage (My background is working as a counsellor in the mental health field).

AND at the same time healing is being put on a pedestal we still have energy only, monthly launches with no long term plan, flying by the seat of your pants being what is promoted as a “business model”.

This is a set up for absolute failure.

People “heal” then go back to a business with absolutely no structure, no stability, no recurring income, & one bad launch away from disaster…

Then wonder why they are in a constant state of nervous system dysfunction or their “healing” was only temporary.

There is no possible way to create any safety in your body if your business is a chaotic mess with no safety.

Entrepreneurship is by nature unpredictable.  It takes a certain kind of wild child to buckle in for this ride.  The best way to support your mental health in business is to build a BUSINESS.

❌ Energy only works until it doesn’t.

❌Monthly launches work until you run through your warm market & have no new leads.

❌Daily tactics work until you desire to reclaim a life without always having to be IN your business.

❌Flying by the seat of your pants works until you are too exhausted to come up with a new program idea (And no, it isn’t because you are a Projector or Reflector).

Thinking like a CEO & building out a VISION that you work backwards from may not be as flashy as keeping up with the Kardashian’s of the coaching space, but I can guarantee you will outlast anyone on the chase to the next highest month AND you will be able to do it with maintaining a life, and mental health, outside of business.

THIS is what we work on in ICONIC.  Enrolment is open now.  We begin November 1st.  5 spaces remain.  1 left for VIP.



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