Abundance Codes in Human Design: The G Centre

Oct 02, 2020
The G-Center is the Center for love, identity and direction in the chart. The G centre connects you to Higher Self, in the 5th dimensional realm and, if your mind gets out of the way!, guides you through life to experience all you were meant to experience to unleash your gifts.
The G centre is where the magic & mysticism of the bodygraph takes place. It is a key Center for creating abundance in your life, because the G-Center contains the mechanics for the Law of Attraction.
Contained within the G-Center is a magnetic monopole, a magnet with a single pole (everything else in Human Design is a binary) that ONLY attracts. We never push abundance away. We only attract to the degree to which we are energetically attuned to our abundance. If your magnetic monopole is attuned to the frequency of your higher self you magnetize the abundance meant for you on this plane.
If any of the bodies (Mental, spiritual, physical or emotional) is out of tune you close off the gateway to higher self and the abundance that you are here to magnetize.
The G centre ONLY attracts, and what it attracts is ONLY love, abundance and beauty. The exact frequency of the 3rd dimensional reality and your higher self.
ALL of astrology and the cosmic, planetary influences revolve around this centre as the Magnetic Monopole draws towards us what is specifically ours (by definition) to experience over the course of our lifetime. We are designed to live the love that is attracted to us, beginning with loving ourselves.
This is why I ALWAYS emphasize the importance of loving yourself, and your human “suit”, before expecting anything else to change.
You know me and how much I love science! Scientists are now able to actually measure a magnetic resonance field around the heart in the body and have shown that it is the frequency of the heart, mind & emotions that must match the quantum field. The heart is partially located in the G-Center.
I believe that, as we do more research in this area that we will discover, even more deeply, the magnetic or attractive powers of the heart. This is ALSO why I encourage women to bring forward their own paradigms as I have with Cosmic Human Design & Astrology.
We are evolving, and if you desire my opinion, the original download of Human Design will become outdated rapidly as we move closer to 2027, and Ra Uru Hu is not here to elaborate on his teachings. WE must trust our downloads and bring forward the new paradigms to move humanity forward.
I regress, back to the G Centre:
Your level of abundance is determined by the 8 frequencies located on the G-Center and their attunment to the 5th dimensional frequency of love, abundance, compassion & unity consciousness. These 8 energy centres I showed in the graphic with this post.
You will attract into your life experiences that will teach you how to love yourself, to stand powerfully in your truth, express yourself authentically, surrender & trust higher self, learn from the past, care for & love your body, how to allow the abundant flow of life, and how to make choices that serve humanity through your purpose work.
When you are out of alignment with any of the abundance codes, what we typically call lower frequency in one of our bodies, you will attract more lessons & divine assignments into your life to teach you how to align with those codes of abundance.
Those lessons are there to teach you how to align with the 5th dimensional frequency of love, abundance & compassion.
Where most people go wrong is they view themselves as the victim to those lessons and end up being served the same lesson over and over again, sometimes for their entire life.
In science we see a connection between the mind & body. In Human Design this is shown through the connection between the mind, the emotional system & the heart.
THE manifesting centre in Human Design is the G centre, where the heart is partially located.
The frequency of the mind and the vibration of the solar plexus tunes the magnetic monopole and causes you to attract a similar frequency which matches your G Centre.
If your G Centre is the frequency of the 5th dimensional reality, and therefore your higher self, you attract unlimited abundance & love. If the G Centre is a lower frequency you attract lessons.
If you have an open G Centre it makes it more challenging to harmonize your attraction power with what is authentic to you, because you do not have a static identity & you are MEANT to go in many directions in life.
Now, I don't say harder as it is ACTUALLY harder. It is the MIND, and 3rd dimensional reality, that PERCEIVES it to be more difficult.
An open G-Center will take in the direction and identity of others in a deep and sensitive way. The beauty and wisdom of this openness is that when the G-Center is open there is the potential for tremendous wisdom about love, direction and about others. This also becomes a POTENT & mystical centre for magnetizing soul aligned clients, if it is open.
But, if you don’t understand that your own destiny, identity and direction can be energetically deeply influenced by the people you are with, it can make it very difficult for you to find your right direction in life and you may end up losing direction or identity often, following others.
Something I speak about often is your physical LOCATION for the undefined G Centre. This can go a long way in helping you align the direction of the open G-Center. When the G-Center is open, being in the right geographical location can help you attract what you want in your life. The open G-Center has to feel good where they are. When they love where they live and love who they are with, life works and business becomes easy. This also speaks to the importance of having the right team if you hire within your business with an undefined G Centre.
If someone with an open G-Center feels stuck or like nothing is moving in their life, it might be that they are in the wrong place or with the wrong people.
Because the underlying motivation of the open G-Center is to question their love-worthiness, an open G-Center person sometimes makes choices to prove their lovability, to keep someones love or to find a fixed direction. This can show up in business with being afraid to pivot out of fear you will lose your community, becoming dependent on a coach or more.
Something that is critically important for the undefined G centre is taking time to yourself, away from others energies. Because an open G-Center feels other people’s identities deeply, it’s easy to take on someone else’s identity and lose yourself and your direction in other people. This will take you off path from YOUR abundance codes, higher self and unique path in life. Taking time alone and away from other people’s energy can help the open G-Center recalibrate back to their authentic direction.
For the undefined G centre to find true and lasting abundance you have to accept that your life will naturally take you in many directions and that you have to be in the right place with the right people to make things work. There is NOTHING to fix about you.
The reality is no one, even defined G centres, are fully aware of the heights, depths, widths and potentiality within their personality.
When you find peace, satisfaction, surprise or success in the mysticism of the undefined G centre and you love yourself deeply for it the G-Center naturally attracts into your life experiences and abundance that reflects the love that is you.
I have 2 spaces open for Cosmic Human Design foundational calls next week with the option to add the key points from your natal chart as well! Please DM for more information as I am updating my website!
Any undefined G centres or ah has?
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