The BG5 Career Design Overview

The BG5 Consultant will cover your Career Type, Personal Interaction, Decision Making Strategy, Key Indicators, Assimilation and the best work Environment for you. The overview takes approximately 75-90 minutes. You will be provided with a recording of your session with supporting documentation. It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of BG5.

A BG5 Consultant will email you within 24 hours of placing your order to schedule a mutually convenient time. 

Your BG5 Career Design Overview covers your first 6 Success Codes, which include:

  • Career Type (How do you best express yourself in the world and get things done?)
  • Personal Interaction (How do you best interact with others: your non-verbal presence?)
  • Decision Making Strategy (Knowing how to make the best decisions with confidence and correct timing is the key to removing resistance and experiencing success)
  • Key Indicators (Important signposts to keep you on track)
  • Assimilation (How do you process information?)
  • Environment Style(s) (In what work setting do you operate best?)

These aspects introduce you to your unique Career Design. Here you can begin the core understanding needed to fully utilize your specific gifts, talents and attributes that you are here to share with the world.

Your Career Type, Personal Interaction, and Decision Making Strategy provide a day-to-day tool kit to direct you to your individual work and life paths. Key Indicators, Assimilation and Environment Style(s) provide you with a roadmap to help you further understand how you function once on that path.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Understand the foundations

The BG5 Career Overview is the business equivalent to the Human Design Foundation call.  Learn about the core success codes within your design & begin applying them now!

Business Application

BG5 is Ra Uru Hu's business application of the Human Design system.  Learn how your design is best used in business!

Recording & PDF

Receive a recording of your call to download for yoru own reference as well as a BG5 Career Overview PDF!

Book your call now.  Please note: Due to the bespoke nature of the call all sales are final.

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