The Potent Magic of Mercury Retrograde

Jun 03, 2021

The Reality of Mercury Retrograde


Ohhh Mercury retrograde….

You are not disappointing so far!


For all it’s bad press the truth is this….

Mercury retrograde gives us a hot second to process all the shit that we have gone through, bringing up visions & remembrance of the past (even past lives)… giving us the VOID we need to take time off to reassess things.


However Mercury retrograde reflects how most deal with the void…

Pushing & fighting…

Not actually doing the reflecting the energy is asking for…

And therefore HITTING it like a brick wall.


For many spiritual leaders you may have found yourself beginning to question everything you once believed to be true & where you have been holding back due to fear…


With the Sun conjunct the north node trine Saturn WITH upcoming Uranus square Saturn on the 14th….

The Matrix is glitching….

Timelines are splitting & fragmenting..

It is now your choice how you move.


It is time to not be afraid to make bold choices that may change (drastically) your entire reality.

To ask yourself the tough questions & be self aware enough to make better connections to the choices in your life, rather than living on auto-pilot, review relationships/ contracts (Juno & Saturn retrograde), deal with repressed fears to be assertive & move forward (Pluto retrograde)…

And basically allow your underworld…

Everything repressed & taboo (Oh heyyy Pluto/ Dark Goddess energy coming in hot hot hotttt!) to rise up & lead you.


The time has come to face some of the blocks that you feel are holding you back from taking responsibility for your life….


And this energy takes no prisoners.

It is bringing everything to the surface.

But it is free will to see it or not.



So yes, this energy will feel heavy if you decide it is.

But it can also be the vortex that is the catalyst to everything you came here to experience.



The biggest shifts in my life since May 29th (Mercury retrograde) so far, the BIGGEST changes between who I was then & now, is how many fucks I give about the opinions of others (zero) & the shift out of the need to convince anyone they are made for more, to try & save those that refuse to own their power or see through the veils….


The reality is… And it is slightly embarrassing to admit this…


I was still holding on to fear around judgement for being a powerful mystic….

For working with dragons…

My dragon lineage…

My abilities…

What I see…




And Mercury, Pluto & Saturn just came in & ripped that shit up like a shoddy foundation it was.


I know people will fall away in this shift happening.


Yet, I refuse to fit into society’s box.  I refuse to fit into the coaching industry box. 

I refuse to fit into the “I belong here or this is the expertise I hold” box…

I weave together so many “expertise” that the human mind can’t comprehend… And that’s ok.


If you liked me best as the “Human Design Expert” that is also your choice & I make no judgements if we part ways now.  Human Design isn’t going anywhere.  It is but one beautiful thread in the tapestry I weave within the Quantum.



The ones who don’t get it will fall away.

The ones deeply ingrained in the program will fall away.

Those refusing to return to the feminine mysteries or believe there is literal magic beyond this dimension will fall away.


Those that stay will turn into family…

As so many HAVE along my journey so far.

I am not focused on what others do or what others say anymore.


And the reality is this:  People will say shit regardless.  People will project their bullshit on you regardless.  May as well be for something you stand for rather than something you are doing to avoid triggering others waves or in an attempt to be liked.


Please listen close:



You did not sign a soul contract to be a quantum disruptor & anchor in a new age to be LIKED….

You came here to do the work like a badass warrior starseed 007 agent.


So put your MF blinders on & FINALLY SAY what you want to say.

FINALLY DO what you want to do.

Stand for something.

Draw your line in the sand.

Allow the energy to illuminate the fears so you can eradicate them.


We each get to choose our own adventure…

I used the analogy recently in a course of one of those old school books where you could choose the ending…

THAT is your life.

Free will allows you to CHOOSE.

BUT what DO you choose?


The splitting of timelines is more obvious than ever before, this Mercury retrograde.


The illusions are more amplified than ever.


What direction are you choosing?




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