The Gene Keys Branding Workshop

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And what if everything you have been made to believe about branding was actually the THING that was causing more resistance in your business?

At the highest level of frequency, there is only one product, and that product is Truth.


Therefore, whatever your physical product is is not the real product – You are the product! The product and its branding are simply an excuse for you to communicate a frequency down your fractal line. 

Richard Rudd said:

"The New Age market is filled with all kinds of people peddling all kinds of wares and making all kinds of claims. Most of the time, these people don’t really make any serious money because they fail to realise that they are the product. The moment you grasp that you are selling Love or Truth, then your brand becomes much more powerful because you see it for what it really is- YOU!".



Richard Rudd also said:

"Once you have realised that your brand or product is really an excuse for you to pass a sacred transmission down your fractal line, then you will find yourself an exponent of Executive Magick. Without really doing anything much at all, your product will market itself, because people cannot resist the Truth."

My most popular teachings have been around "you are the niche" yet Executive Magick brings it one step further & opens you up to YOUR unique branding coded into your cells.  

While the "Brand" Gene Keys will be a focal point of this workshop Ashley will also teach practical strategy around amplifying relevancy & uncovering YOUR unfair advantage.

The reality is you can know your Gene Keys yet if you are not actually uncovering your unfair advantage AND positioning yourself as relevant to the right people knowing your Gene Keys won't be enough.

Anyone that has worked with me knows I love strategy as much as I love energy...

And this workshop brings you both!

What is included:


Executive Magick Includes:


*Note: This is self paced & pre-recorded. 

✓ A 3 hour workshop around Branding through Gene Keys as well as practical tools to take away to amplify your unfair advantage AND become relevant to the RIGHT people!  

✓ Lifelong access to the members portal.

✓ An hour call where Ashley answered questions with many golden nuggets you can take away for your own business. Replay is available.

✓ Multiple workbooks, including helping you uncover YOUR unique Relevancy & Unfair Advantage.

✓A bonus training From Maiden to Mother: Regaining Your Inner Authority & Grounding. Untangle the conditioning from your message.

Note: It is highly recommended, yet not required, to have The Gene Keys Book: Embracing Your Higher Purpose.  



Ashley, well known as "The Human Design Queen", is officially trained in both Human Design & Gene Keys.  

Ashley's passion is helping women decondition the BS so that they can build a life & business by their design in alignment with their inner truth not outer influence.

Ashley is passionate about combining strategy & energy to help you unleash YOUR unfair advantage, leverage your strengths, & build a business by YOUR design.

Creating a $750, 000 business in under 2 years Ashley's clients totalled over $2.7 million alone in 2021 through simple strategy or energy shifts through leveraging Human Design & Gene Keys!

"I use the strategies I learned in this masterclass daily. They help me show up for myself and my family in incredible ways."

Dina Porters

"I love the live practice sessions included in the masterclass! Being able to put what I learned into practice right away was powerful."

Petra Shrew

What this workshop is NOT...


I DO NOT believe in copy paste ways to approach business, and it is the exact opposite of what Human Design & Gene Keys brings forward to us.

❌ This workshop is NOT a brand-aid or quick fix. 

❌  This workshop is NOT about calibrating or just showing up expecting to not apply what is learned!  Ra Uru Hu said: "The bravest thing we can do is be ourselves". It takes bravery to take what is uncovered here & bring it out into the world!


What this workshop is:


✔️ An opportunity to contemplate & learn more about Branding through Gene Keys, including YOUR unique Sphere of Branding!

✔️ Learn how to amplify relevancy so you are speaking to the RIGHT people- your fractal line- and create a raving community of people that light you up to work with!

✔️ Uncover YOUR unfair advantage that sets you apart in the marketplace & has people saying "SHE is my person!".

✔️  Untangling more of the conditioning from your inner truth which is preventing you from anchoring into the depth of the message you are here to bring forward. 

✔️ Gaining clarity on what YOUR truth really is!

✔️ Begin the transition into the Mother Archetype.


Must know details: 

 ✔️ When you sign up you will receive a welcome email. PLEASE ensure you check your junk mail & spam!  In this email will receive your login details for the Kajabi portal.

✔️ All content is available immediately! PLEASE do not slip the workbooks!  This is where the magic happens!

✔️All sales are final.  Please ensure this is correct prior to purchasing.

✔️ You do NOT need a certain level of understanding around Human Design or Gene Keys.

✔️ If you have questions please direct them to: [email protected] & staff will respond within 24 hours during normal business hours (Monday- Friday).

YOU are the brand...

And it is time to allow your magnetic message be heard & transmitted down your fractal line!

All sales are final.