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You Are The Brand: Nail Your Brand Story

When: Anytime! This is a self paced offer that you can start diving into today!

What: Leverage your Human Design & Gene Keys to tell an EPIC BRAND STORY that magnetizes the RIGHT people 🧨⚡️

People are SAYING a lot online yet how may are  using their brand voice to create an epic brand story?

Join me in the next expression of my You Are The Brand Series, Nail Your Brand Story.  In NYBS you will learn how to create an epic brand story for a clear & recognizable brand that resonates with the right people so that you can go from struggle bus to raving cult tribe.

If you feel like you are constantly trying to come up with new things to say or are left a bit....

Confused on how to leverage your past to connect deeper with the RIGHT people that turn into paying (dream) clients...


Without a clear brand story that your brand can grow from it can feel like you are always looking for new things to say in your business, which just creates confusion for YOURSELF & your audience.

If you have watched my stories EVERYTHING comes back to my brand story & it has been the same story for over 5 years.

Your brand is the way people perceive you, the way people FEEL about you, and the things they say about you.  Nailing your brand story allows you to stop the scroll from the right people who resonate with your story, dreams, & way of being.

....And trust me, it is a lot less energy to have a bunch of like minded badasses that you LOVE working with, and who love being in community together, rather than a mish mosh of random ass people ( if your stuff even sells) because you didn't take the time to nail your brand.

A clear brand story allows you to:

  • Evoke emotions within your audience and establish a relationship. 
  • Connect with the right people & naturally repel the wrong people.
  • Allows you to set yourself apart & leverage YOUR unfair advantage.
  • Create higher conversion with offers as you have a qualified, rather than random, audience.
  • A well-crafted brand story can help build trust and credibility with your audience by communicating your values, beliefs, and mission.
  • A brand story provides a consistent narrative that can guide all aspects of your brand, from marketing and advertising to product development and customer service.
  • A compelling brand story can create brand loyalty among your customers, leading to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals (natural omnipresence, yes please!)

Who this is for:

  •  The rebels & revolutionaries.  I work best with those that have a gritty, disruptive brand & voice.
  • Those that are ready to speak to the HEART of those they are meant to serve to make cash money as well as help others change their life.
  • ACTION TAKERS.  I will be honest, I do not work well with the sit on the fence or sit on a call but never take action types.  It drives me mad.
  • Those ready to dig deep into THEIR story & craft an authentic brand story.  This is a workshop... Show up ready to work.

What you'll get:

  • 3.5-4 hour workshop live with Ashley
  • Replay in your kajabi portal
  • Supportive workbooks that will be uploaded with the replay to help you go deeper into the content.
  • Note: It is recommended, however not required, to do Nail Your Brand Voice, my first in this series, prior to attending this workshop.  The replay is available for purchase.

What is the transformation?

  • Leave with a concrete map that outlines your brand story, who it is for, and how to avoid distractions in your openness.  This includes:
    • Leave with a brand story which leverages your strengths (definition) & wisdom (openness) that magnetizes the RIGHT people.  We will also incorporate a few aspects of Gene Keys. Please come ready with both.
    • Develop clarity on what the transformation is that you provide in your business that your brand story is speaking to.  Buyers are more discerning right now & are demanding a CLEAR transformation without the fluff.  Let's create it together in the workshop!
    • Develop clarity on who your brand story is FOR so you can build a raving cult tribe of people you are meant to serve.  We will touch on Human Design & who you are meant to serve based on Human Design & how to speak DIRECTLY to them! This is high level BG5.
    • Finally, before you leave I am going to help you see where you get distracted in your openness so that you can stay true to the brand map you create in this workshop!

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