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You Are The Brand: Copy That Sells (by Design)

Are you tired of spending countless hours writing copy that doesn't covert?

Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table because your copywriting skills have a  bit of a lacklustre, wilting flower, vibe?

You feel like others must have something you don't or that writing just comes naturally to them...

Because every time YOU sit down to write either a cat got your tongue or what comes out looks nothing like how you envisioned it in your head (which also leaves meh conversion of dream clients).

Well, if so you are in the right place, legend to be, because I used to be JUST LIKE YOU.

  • In the beginning I followed templates to a T, losing every ounce of MY magic in the process (and sounding a bit like a robot!).
  • I then went all the way over into "just write from soul" leaving everyone (including myself) a bit confused & making sales soooo much harder than they need to be!
  • I missed opportunities to sell my shit because I honestly just had no plan & no idea what to say.

... And eventually I realized that learning copywriting, and having a PLAN, was a HUGE factor in how far my business would go.  After all, I didn't have a marketing department or copywriter to do the work for me.  The team was ME.

And my guess is that you are in the same boat floating down the sea of copywriting confusion that I was all those years ago.

Now, let's cut to the good part:

I have fan-fucking-tastic news for you!

Anyone can learn how to copy-write, ESPECIALLY when you learn simple tips to leverage your Human Design.  It is a skill, just like riding your bike, and it takes a little direction & practice... Just like learning how to ride your bike.

Are you ready to for things to be easier?

Inside the Effective Copywriting Through Your Openness workshop I am going to teach you 5 copywriting strategies leveraging both tried & true industry "secrets" AND your Human Design/ Gene Keys that will help you write genuine content that doesn't FEEL salsey (because it isn't) AND converts!

How, you ask?

My copywriting techniques are heart-centered, rooted in creating genuine connection with others, & are based in Human Design.  I can promise you that you will leave this workshop feeling equipped with what you need to begin nailing your copywriting to convert the dreamy clients that GET RESULTS!

The truth is: I want it to be easy for you because people like us?

We got shit to do that doesn't include staring at our phones wondering what to post.

The must know deets:
  • Each of these 5 strategies are adaptable to ANYONE.  I use them with clients that are just starting out all the way up to new 6 figure + clients who are plateaued & struggling with their messaging.
  • Copywriting takes PRACTICE! This will not be something you master in 2 hours. Inside this workshop you will learn the foundational skills of writing copy authentically through your design so that you can show up, practice writing, & begin converting bigger numbers!
  • This workshop will provide you with a variety of tools to support you in planning out your content, including a workbook to support you in implementing what you learned.
  • I am going to support you in adapting this to your own design & process so that it doesn't feel as though someone just shoved you in a box & took away your magic. This is about finding your *own unique way* to write.

What you'll get:

  • June 7th at 10am eastern join me for a 2.5 hour- ish workshop live on zoom. I say "ish" because I usually talk longer & plan way too much content to cover therefore we mayyy go over 2.5 hours.
  • A Q & A to ask questions on the call at the end.
  • A workbook.
  • Lifetime access to the replay in your Kajabi portal.
  • Live coaching from Ashley.

Are you ready to learn how to write in a way that feels effortless & AUTHENTIC?

Snag your spot now!

See you on the inside, legend!



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