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Nail Your Brand Voice

When: The Live recording has completed.  This is now a replay with supportive materials!

The voice of your brand has the instant ability to attract the RIGHT, hell yes, dreamy of the dreamiest clients...

Or repel them.

What is a brand voice?

Brand voice refers to the personality and emotion infused into a company's/ businesses communications.

Basically, we are looking at:

Are you the Harley Davidson of the coaching industry or the Disney... And how can we infuse this into everything that you do?

THAT is what we are digging into AND NAILING here.

And this shit matters.

It is what creates naturally omnipresence (without the ad spend), it immediately stops the scroll, & it helps fill your shit with the RIGHT PEOPLE so you are not drained just LOOKING at your schedule.

It is time to stop the wobbling on the VOICE of your brand & nail it in this never done before workshop! 

Maybe you can relate to my clients when they find me. Do any of these relate?

  • Showing up & filtering yourself because you "need to be more professional".
  • Back spacing on what you really want to say because you are worried about cancel culture.
  • Having a brand voice that wavers.  There just isn't really a consistency & people feel that.
  • Getting exhausted with the clients you are working with because it feels like you always have to drag them along.  It just never feels quite right.
  • Staring at the blinking cursor wondering WTF you are going to post or say.

Your energy speaks before you do.  If anything above hit home it creates static in how you show up & therefore makes business so much harder than it needs to be.

Your brand voice:

  • Sets the tone for who you ARE for and are not for
  • Transmits your values, mission, & authority.
  • Uses words that create natural omnipresence  without the ad spend.
  • Helps people resonate with you instantly
  • Creates natural polarity (you are not meant for everyone!).

MY dreamiest of the dream clients are fucking badasses committed to creating a BRAND.  One that builds momentum & stability over time.  One that is stumbleuponable.  One where you hear a word or phrase & immediately think of this person.  One that allows them to make bank by simply being them.

Sounds like the dream, right?

It's available to you too.

Who this is for:

  • Self led badasses ready to show up & do the work.  Yes, you will learn but the MOST important part is implementing the work that we will go over.  If you are here you are ready to WORK.  It is a WORKshop, after all.
  • You struggle with unleashing the FULLNESS of your message.  You filter just a bit, but you know that "just a bit" is having a big impact.
  • You are desiring to be more rough around the edges, revolutionary, shake up the system and your brand comes off more of.... Vanilla.
  • Content takes way too long to write because you are overthinking it.
  • You are ready to draw your line in the sand & create a BRAND, not just side hustle or hobby.
  • You are ready to make money by simply leveraging YOUR particular brand of crazy.

What you'll get:

  • A 2 hour workshop live on zoom.
  • 30 minutes of Q & A (2.5 hours total).
  • 2 workbooks, one never before seen!
  • Lifetime access to the replay which is emailed out within 24 hours of the call.  Note: PLEASE check junk or spam for all email communication.
  • Live coaching from Ashley.

What we will be incorporating to bring out YOUR brand voice:

  •  Human Design (obviously!)
  • Gene Keys (of courseee!)
  • Your natural innate knowing & badassery


This workshop is only $88.88!  All sales are final.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].  We would be happy to answer questions... And if you know you are IN, pop in your details & secure your spot!

ABE & team