It's time to create cash on demand in your soul led business!


If you are here it's likely because you are ready to learn how you can leverage YOUR Human Design to increase income & impact in your business.

Whether you make $10, 000 months or $100, 000 months you KNOW, in your heart of hearts,  you are made for more.

So many people are trying a one sized-fits all approach to business and because of that they still feel as if they have barely tapped into their FULL potential; and that's because you have barely tapped into your full potential!

Without leveraging your unique energetic blueprint you inevitably create a glass ceiling on how much you receive AND create (unknowingly) resistance to scaling in ways wilder than your dreams.


Here's the truth:


You were made to communicate with the Universe & your dreamy, OF COURSE, life wilder than your dream clients in a very specific way...

And we can unlock the codes you hold within through Human Design.

I don't give you a formula within Keys to Cash, I lead you on a path of unlocking the KEYS already within you to begin amplifying results NOW!

True alignment, and therefore creating cash on demand, comes from owning your unique energy & using that as your unfair advantage to speak DIRECTLY to your dream clients that are credit card out, ready to pay.

Life & business is not meant to be HARD, we make it hard by working against our very nature.  That's why leveraging your Human Design to understand your unique keys to cash is going to change the way you think about money, business, & showing up on PURPOSE in your business.

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Lindsey, Coach


"I have the most amazing testimonial to give you! I signed up for Keys to Cash on the 19th & on the 24th I received a 6 figure offer that will be potentially turn into a multiple 6 figure offer within the year.  I just wanted to share that with you! I am doing other things but your course, I feel, this was the magical key that I needed.  It was literally a game changer.  A life changing opportunity & I just wanted to thank you for doing everything that you do! I am not even done with the course & I am so freakin’ excited about it!


I am AT my next level now, and it happened overnight.  You played a HUGE part in unleashing who I am.  Truly.  You have been a gift & I am just so grateful for you & your magic.  I am so grateful you played a big part in this.  It feels so good & I know it is just the beginning!  I am letting my freak flag fly & it feels SO freakin’ good!"

Day 1

From Static to Synergy


Remember: As long as you are in the not self you put out static to your audience.

Learn how to shift from the not self to true self & begin accessing YOUR unique message.

1 hour 40 minute training, workbook, PLUS 20 minute audio training to help you tap into YOUR unique message so that you can allow the message to be the message & make creating content easier & more fulfilling than ever before!

Day 2

Magnetic Mastery & Making Money From Flow

Each design has a unique aura & way of interacting with the world. In this module we look at how to align with your design so that you can amplify impact & income in your business.

This module includes a 60 minute training with accompanying workbook to release identities that no longer serve so that you can BE that next NEXT level self NOW.

Bonus 20 minute audio with reality creation journaling prompts (And if you haven't been in my world before- My journaling prompts are LEGENDARY at accessing everything that has been locked away within!).

Day 3

Accessing YOUR Unfair Advantage

We all have a unique advantage in the marketplace & we can decode it from our design! 

When you access your unfair advantage you immediately become RELEVANT to the right people (Your dreamy HELL YES, take my money, clients!) & magnetize money from soul.

2 workbooks AND bonus 40 minute audio training on Amplifying Relevancy for more Power, Purpose, & Prosperity.



I asked myself, "How can I make this THE course to understand how YOUR energy interacts with  magnetizing the HELL YES, of COURSE, credit card out clients?"...

I added a 7-10 minute audio training for EACH open/ undefined centre with WORLD CHANGING, life shifting, journal prompts to help you leverage your openness NOW for amplified impact & income!

I ALSO recorded a 30 minute audio training on adapting WITH the material plane for success! This is based on Human Design, incorporating Psychology!

And finally, a bonus 30 minute audio on DECIDING & LOCKING IN Your Next Level Now!


This is the ULTIMATE money course utilizing Human Design!

What would it mean to you, and your business, if you truly understood how your energy interacted with the Quantum & energetic field (aka money)?!

I created this course so that you take away life changing content, wisdom, & practical steps you can apply today in your business!

The better you understand yourself & your unique energy the more you TRUST yourself, trust your message, & move from a place of pure magnetism.


There is no one size fits all approach to making money.


And the reality is this:

The longer you try to model what is working for someone else, instead of getting attuned to your unique energy, the longer you'll remain in a cycle of trying to "figure it out" instead of watching money flow to & through you.

You do not need a one size fits all approach, in fact, if you are anything like my clients you are TIRED of trying to figure out the right formula, perfect copy, fanciest website...

Or whatever hoops you are told you have to, need to, should do, so that you can be successful.

How would it feel to get paid, ABUNDANTLY, for simply being you?

It is time to give yourself the permission slip to make money simply being you, removing all the resistance that is making your NEXT level more difficult to reach.

I am ready to celebrate your NEXT level in business & life....

Are you?

From Ashley Vincent of Ashley's Light Shop:


This pure Generator just gets me going! Ashley knows how to light my fire.  I have never been so fulfilled, so happy, so in my element, so creative, so lit up. I can't remember the last time I made this much money. The formula is not what they say it is. You have your own unique formula & no one has brought this out more in me than Ashley.  You need to get inside her programs.  Trust me!

She is one of the only people that I will continue to work with.  She finds out about YOU & what YOU want & how YOU operate. She doesn't fit you into a box, she doesn't tell you what to do based on some ridiculous formula.  She guides you back to you.  Never have I felt more free, never have I felt more alive never have I felt so fulfilled AND on mission with my purpose.

A lot of people struggle with this for so long, I did as well. Ashley is your girl for all things business.

My life has transformed because of Ashley. I  get moved to tears when I think about her because she cares about me & there are so many people in this journey who didn't.  They just saw me as a dollar sign & cared about my money, they just told me to do things that weren't right for me- Not Ashley.  

Ashley has a heart of gold & I am just so honoured to be in her world.


Video Poster Image

If you are anything like my clients....


⟴ You know you are meant for more, even if you are stabilizing $100, 000 months, AND you know the reality you see in your heart is what you are meant for.

⟴ You have done the strategy only approach, or maybe at times you think you need MORE strategy to hit your next level, and yet it always felt constricting causing you MORE resistance.   

⟴ You know you are meant to do things YOUR way.

⟴ You are a revolutionary soul led creator that can't stop, won't stop until the vision you see in your heart becomes a reality.

⟴ You are no stranger to self- development yet are ready for self-transcendence.

⟴ You are an action taker ready to step into your NEXT level self NOW, in both business & life.

Badass revolutionaries ready to do business, and life, their way is EXACTLY why I created K2C.  I have been on the side of business building that was only strategy & I have also been on the side of "just lean back, hold the vibe, & receive".

It was when I began trusting my inner authority & living my life by design that everything finally clicked.

In fact, it was when I tossed out everything I knew to be true & finally followed my strategy & authority that money flowed.  It wasn't from calibrating to the million dollar coach, or learning the perfect formula.  It was from coming home to MY design & trusting ME.

This is why I am so passionate about Human Design.  It ignites a fire from within that turns on our magnetism & lights us up from within...

Allowing you to become the lighthouse to your dream clients.

If you are ready to begin creating a life, and business, by design & unlock YOUR keys to cash, I welcome you Keys To Cash...

The doorway, the vortex, into a life wilder than your dreams.

What does the K2C community say?

Are you ready to unlock your Keys to Cash?



Ashley isn't known as The Human Design Queen for no reason.  She is extensively trained by the official schools and brings you AUTHENTIC Human Design, the Science of Differentiation, to change your life TODAY.
Join now & gain access to all the material immediately AS WELL AS limited time bonus workshop, The Madness of Being Normal (Value $111 USD) AND a custom, never before heard audio "DECIDING & LOCKING IN Your Next Level NOW"!



Transform your relationship with wealth from the inside out NOW!

This is a self paced course.  For support from Ashley please reach out for 1:1 coaching options! 

Also: Very important!  This course is for INDIVIDUAL use & not for replication or teaching others.  Any duplication of content goes against copyright laws & will be taken seriously. Note: All content is available immediately therefore there are no refunds.  Make an aligned decision & back yourself fully in that decision.

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