Leverage your Human Design & SIMPLE AF strategies to SKYROCKET sales with certified BG5 Business Analyst & Certified Strengths Coach, Ashley Briana Eve!

The next intake of our legendary 6 month mastermind to help you hit those 5-figure, multi 5-figure, & even 6-figure months in your coaching business is here!





Ashley is an expert at helping revolutionary soul led creators hit their first $10, 000 month, first 6 figure month, & first million dollar year... And sustain this unstoppable success by leveraging their Human Design & simple strategies  to STAND the eff out online!

Are you next?




The legendary mastermind to skyrocket sales, build a sustainable business, & make more money being YOU!

Revolutionary soul led women & men sign up for ICONIC, a coaching & consulting hybrid mastermind, because they are ready to stop the month to month hustle & build scalable 7+ figure businesses by design.

This mastermind is NOT limited to coaches.  Ashley has helped entrepreneurs reveal their hidden potential, and scale, a range of businesses both on & off line.



If you are anything like my clients you know you are meant for more, yet...

  • You don’t know the exact steps to take or how to leverage your Human Design. 
  • You are ambitious & driven yet also tired of feeling stuck at a certain level of income & you are SO ready to move past that to achieve 20k, 50k, and 100k months and beyond...
  • You are an expert in something, but you don’t know how to properly leverage that yet so you can scale through your next level of success...
  • You are stuck on the hamster wheel, churning out product after product & while you are making BANK, you are exhausted & ready for long term strategy.
  • You are on feast & famine cycles and are ready for true recurring income so you can relax & flourish in all areas of life.

STOP trying to figure it out by yourself - I’m here to support you!

There are thousands of people online that know LESS than you making the 100k + months!  It isn't complicated when it is broken down into chunks you can implement today!

You weren't born to be the internets best kept secret.  It is time to reveal your hidden potential & create unstoppable success.


Our students aren’t just satisfied, they experience next level life breakthroughs, amazing new connections, and real business results. 



On hot seat coaching calls you are able to receive 1:1 coaching specific to you, your business, your Career Design (Human Design), & your goals.

This includes:

  • 3 times a month we meet on zoom for hot seats where you receive 1:1 coaching on the group call in an area you are feeling resistance or require clarity within.
  • This can include assistance with basic funnels, sales pages, copy, mindset, your Bodygraph, & more!
  • Based on your needs Ashley will also add content to the portal to support you, your questions, & your business. This could be examples of email sequences, pricing, planning out the year, setting up recurring income, finding your unfair advantage, & more.
  • Receive PDF's & journaling prompts to help with where you are stuck & retrieve the answer from within.




You don't have to wait until the next call to get help with a sales page, receive feedback, or help derubbling the junk standing in the way of you & your dream money flow & business.

Monday- Friday you have access to Ashley & other like minded badasses where you can do deeper, excavate the BS, & shift into potent areas of self that allow you to ignite into levels wilder than your dreams.

This includes:

  • Included for the first time EVER:

    Slack community support, spot coaching, and a beautifully organized community to best help you create the shifts NOW to optimize your time in the mastermind!

    This support, to help you go deeper, shift what needs to be shifted, & help you scale through your next level of success.  

  • Support from like minded badasses.

Slack is the place where you do not have to wait to take action, shift, move, & sell from soul with the wisdom drops that come through for you here!

No more excuses!



Who doesn't enjoy some extras?

Unlock the vault by signing up!

This mastermind includes:

  • Executive Magick: Gene Keys Branding Workshop, Value $88 USD.
  • Keys to Cash, Human Design Wealth Program, VALUE $333 USD
  • Portal access to the Elite by Design Strategy Portal, the support & strategy portal to support you in your business growth. Value $3, 333 USD.
  • Expert guests to go deeper into other areas of business, wealth, & living a life wilder than your dreams!

Portal access remains for LIFE!!!

****VIP UPGRADE ONLY**** 1 spot remains!


Love this yet also want to dive in with Ashley 1:1 monthly?

The VIP upgrade includes:

  • A personal BG5 Success Codes Report (min 55 page PDF)
  • A 45 minute 1:1 zoom call with Ashley monthly.
  • A deeper dive into your personal Human Design & Gene Keys.

If you are all in for VIP it is expected you are coming to do the damn thing & go all in on YOU & your business.  No dabbling, no body bagging.  You are ready to uplevel into your next level self NOW.



Every month we will dive into a business specific workshop.  This would be around anything to do with business & will target areas the mastermind are desiring more help with.

This includes:

  • A business workshop monthly.  Some of these will be available to the public for sale, some will be strictly for the mastermind.

  • These will be anywhere from a 1 day- 3 day workshop.
  • These will be workshop based, so come ready to take action!


These are a great way to receive teachings, trainings, & workshops included in a high level mastermind!  I love being of service & this is a way we can go deeper together into your design, alignment, & selling!




Designed specifically for the revolutionaries & creators who are ready to raise their game so they can make more money, have a bigger impact and create the life of their dreams...

Both in & out of business.

In this mastermind we will go deeper into :

  • Alignment & asskickery to help you become the next level you NOW!  No more excuses.  It is TIME to create a life wilder than your dreams & elevate how you show up.
  • BG5/ Human Design- Your bodygraph will be pulled up during your hot seat & coaching guidance will be based on your bodygraph to help you leverage your strengths & sell through your openness.
  • Positive Psychology tools & interventions to support your journey.
  • A holistic approach to "stuckness". Sometimes we are stuck due to areas of life that don't have to do with business or our design.  Ashley will help with creating mind, body, & soul alignment.
  • Powerful guest speakers monthly!
  • Finding YOUR flow in your business & building out your business your way!
  • SIMPLE strategies to create a sustainable & scalable business that creates MORE freedom in your life!
  • Learn how to AMPLIFY YOUR BRAND to stand out & magnetize attention as the go to expert!
  • Keep in mind: This is NOT a program or course! This is a mastermind for HIGH level support in not only mindset shifts, spiritual smackdowns, but also aligned business strategy to grow a multi 6 & 7 figure business that is scalable & sustainable.

You show up powerfully for yourself & come ready to take action on your dreams, because they are closer than you think!  You will get what you put in.


What you can expect:

  • A welcome discovery pack! You will receive a discovery pack so I can learn more about you, your business, & your goals.  This allows me to be best equipped with supporting you in the mastermind!
  • 3 times a month you will join the group zoom calls to be mentored personally by Ashley.
  • Digital course dashboard to support your journey, including strategy & simple funnels.  This is constantly being updated & you receive lifetime access to all the content!
  • Digital dashboard with bonus & supportive content.
  • Group Slack (With private DM access to Ashley for VIP).
  • Guest expert mentoring sessions.  The experts are incredibly successful in their field & come to support you in your journey! I believe we all rise together & I love bringing other experts in to support you!
  • Every 6 months a 2 day virtual retreat immersion! The goal is to offer in person retreats in Muskoka, Ontario once we find the perfect property!

This pure Generator just gets me going! Ashley knows how to light my fire.  I have never been so fulfilled, so happy, so in my element, so creative, so lit up. I can't remember the last time I made this much money. The formula is not what they say it is. You have your own unique formula & no one has brought this out more in me than Ashley.  You need to get inside her programs.  Trust me!

She is one of the only people that I will continue to work with.  She finds out about YOU & what YOU want & how YOU operate. She doesn't fit you into a box, she doesn't tell you what to do based on some ridiculous formula.  She guides you back to you.  Never have I felt more free, never have I felt more alive never have I felt so fulfilled AND on mission with my purpose.

A lot of people struggle with this for so long, I did as well. Ashley is your girl for all things business.

My life has transformed because of Ashley. I  get moved to tears when I think about her because she cares about me & there are so many people in this journey who didn't.  They just saw me as a dollar sign & cared about my money, they just told me to do things that weren't right for me- Not Ashley.  

Ashley has a heart of gold & I am just so honoured to be in her world.

Ashley Vincent, Manifestor, of Ashley's Light Shop



Work with me and my team in this world class 6-month mastermind.

The best part? You’ll be mentored personally by me 1:1 on our group zoom calls AND learn so much by hearing others questions on the zoom calls as well!  

Ask me your business mindset, Human Design, or strategy questions and have them answered in real time!  Ready for help building aligned strategy and/ or pathways for your clients?  I have your back.

You are also supported by some of the best in the business for marketing, mindset, motivation, breakthroughs, and more.

You know you are meant for more - but you don’t know the exact steps to take… we are giving you these exact steps to help you stop the launch cycle & create a 7+ figure business by design.

 My desire is to get more money into the hands of more incredible women who are going to change their lives & the world.

What would it be like to live the life you see in your heart?  To be able to build a business that supports you without constantly having to be launching & live? To have clarity on what you need to do to create TRUE freedom, fulfillment, & flow?

With a combination of energy & strategy I have your back.

Do you have a desire to take life & your business to the next level?




And, the truth is, if you build it they won't necessarily come.

I teach my clients primarily attraction marketing (aka: be in alignment with your Career Design/ Human Design) with SUPER simple strategies & structure which allow for you to get OFF the hamster wheel & actually create a life of freedom, flow, & fulfillment. 



Who is this mastermind for?


  • You are an industry rebel & you are up for no BS coaching to help you play a bigger game & live your most audacious dreams.
  • You are coachable & ready to take action.
  • You are driven & ambitious with big goals for your business, family, & this world.
  •  No matter your level you know that you were made for more.
  • You feel a deep sense of duty to rise to your fullest potential.
  • You are self led & take radical self responsibility for your results & how you show up. 
  • You would like to leverage the opportunity to network with other leaders & therefore organically increase your network without the ads!
  • You are no BS & ready to take massive action on your dreams.

When you sign up receive immediate access to your member portal which includes:

  • Keys to Cash, Human Design Wealth Program
  • Executive Magick: Gene Keys Branding Workshop
  • The Elite by Design business strategy portal
  • You ALSO gain access to new workshops at no additional cost.



One of my mentors at the official schools described my Bodygraph as:

"An energy with a personal destiny of Individualistic Direction & Innovative Perspectives, Insatiably evaluating and Judging how the Collective Pattern could be improved.  Building and utilizing their Network of Influence to Deliver a Visionary Perspective of how to make better "men" & "women"."

I am an Ontario, Canada based BG5 Consultantaccredited Positive Psychology & Success Coachstrategist, and international speaker who specializes in helping public figures, established entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals leverage the Science of Differentiation & Science of Happiness so that they can reveal their hidden potential & create unstoppable success.

As someone who has a thorough understanding of the unique challenges that those in and out of the public eye face - I use evidence based methods to help you clearly identify energy leaks, establish firm boundaries, rewire your mindset, master effective communication, strategize, create tangible results which result in increasing profit potential & flow, and restore confidence in the most important areas of your personal and professional life.  My work is done through the lens of BG5, the business application of the Human Design system, which allows us to leverage your unique strengths & wisdom for unstoppable success.


Ultimately, my role is to skilfully serve as your confidant and objective advisor in growing your business, teams, & organization through leveraging your unique strengths, flow, & alignment.


Although it’s not always necessary, part of this process requires learning how to honour and build tolerance for discomfort. When this area is left unchecked - it can often lead to further self-sabotage, self-censorship, making decisions/taking actions that contradict with your values, or spiralling into a full blown identity crisis.


My work is a combination of mindset, strategy, and energy. The methods I use are informed by specialized training, ongoing research, working alongside reputable mentors and thought-leaders, data gathered from successfully supporting thousands of people globally, and invaluable lessons collected from my own personal and professional experiences.


Whether you’re an individual or team considering working with me privately, I should make it clear that I take a straightforward (yet compassionate) no BS route. This is non-negotiable, and this approach will ensure that you efficiently get what you need within the agreed upon timeframe.  You can also expect me to challenge you where necessary, especially if it will support you in getting your desired outcome.


My general approach honours all aspects of the human experience - with a focus on embracing individual & intellectual diversity, leading with curiosity, cultivating a growth mindset (using evidence-based methods), leveraging strengths, and getting you back in the driver’s seat of your work, team, or business.


I have closely supported a plethora of high-profile individuals, established organizations, founders, and renowned leaders in problem solving and gaining clarity on the areas above, and more, using BG5 (Human Design) & Positive Psychology. It’s important to note that you don’t need to fall into these categories to receive my support. This is simply to highlight the range of people I’ve had the pleasure of calling clients.

ARE YOU A 10/10 ON


In this container my coaching is a best fit for coaches who have a great attitude, big dreams, & are self motivated. You might have made sales already or have reached the $5-15k per month + income mark (whether that be in your coaching business or another career or business you are looking to transition from).

If that sounds like you I welcome you into ICONIC, a premium mastermind for women & men meant for more.

Pay in Full Options are available!  Save $500 USD by paying in full.  Reach out to Ashley for a link!

Note: Price WILL go up as Ashley embarks on new high level trainings at the BG5 Business Institute in the fall 2022.  While no date is set for increase now please expect that in the fall of 2022 price will go up significantly to match the additional knowledge to offer you.




  • 3 hot seat calls monthly
  • Slack support  Monday-Friday for spot coaching & networking
  • Telegram channel for business insight & wisdom 
  • Bonus courses
  • Supportive online community
  • Free access to any masterclasses & mini courses released during the 6 months
  • Discount on any courses released during the 6 months.





  • Everything plus 1:1 DM support in Slack.
  • A 45 minute private call monthly to strategize personally with Ashley (valued at $2, 222 alone!)

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Influential Artist course, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.