BG5™ Business Cycle Analysis


In this 90 minute call I help empower you to successfully navigate the natural cycles of your career, business, and life.

Just like life – our careers, work, and businesses also have natural rhythms and cycles. From starting our careers; to changing positions, jobs, or professions; to retirement. From starting a business; to seeing it flourish; to closing the doors, selling it, or passing it along to the next generation.

Knowing how the cycles affect, change, and flow through our lives in terms of our career or business can help us:

  • Let go and move forward when a cycle has completed.
  • Support and empower others in times of transition to give direction, guidance, and understanding.
  • Recognize daily, yearly, and broader cycle themes to take advantage the frequency.
  • Understand how broader cycles affect our career or business role at certain times of our life.
  • Gain a deeper insight into the Life Aspects of our BG5 Career Design.
  • Naturally relax into the flow of the cycles that affect our of our career, business and life purpose.

Cycles to choose from:

  • Annual cycle, recommended 3 month prior to your birthday.  Ashley recommends to do this yearly.
  • 30 year milestone
  • 40 year milestone
  • 50 year milestone
  • 60 year milestone (especially important for 6th lines)

Each call purchased addresses ONE cycle, the one most applicable to you.  You will fill this out in the intake questionnaire upon purchase so that Ashley is aware in advance & can complete your report.

For the milestones you may book up to 1-2 years prior to the change of cycles.

Business Cycle Deep Dive

In this option we review the previous cycle and go into extensive detail on the cycle you are currently moving into.  This helps prepare yourself & your business for what is to come.

This is best done 3ish months before an annual cycle (your birthday).  For milestones you can book as far out as 1-2 years prior.

Business Application

BG5 is Ra Uru Hu's business application of the Human Design system.  Learn how your design is best used in business!

Recording & PDF

Receive a recording of your call to download for yoru own reference as well as a BG5 Career Overview PDF!

Book your call now.  Please note: Due to the bespoke nature of the call all sales are final.

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